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I’m Kathy Vines, Certified Professional Organizer®, Coach, Speaker, and Owner of Clever Girl Organizing®. 

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After many years working side-by-side with clients and helping them work through the psychological and emotional barriers they face when trying to let things go, I wrote a book to help others face the same barriers and finally let things go.

Clever Girl’s Guide to
Living with Less

brings fresh understanding to WHY you’re struggling, and strategies for HOW to break down the barriers and break free from your stuff, once and for all.

Latest Posts from Clever Girl

Top 10 Habits to Leave Behind in the ’10s Decade

It’s a New Year, and a New Decade. (Yes, I know there are two schools of thought on whether or not the decade ends now or next year. I’m picking “now”.) There’s so much to look forward to in our future, but our “2020 Vision” can be made even more clear if we look to […]

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What a Christmas Tree Skirt Taught Me About Questioning Tradition

Shortly after Thanksgiving, ideally that weekend, I like to have Christmas ready to go. HandyBoy (my husband) and I get the lights on the house, especially if the weather is more than 50 degrees here in Boston, since we can’t count on another one of those coming on a weekend. I finish my handmade holiday […]

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Are You Ready for the 7th Annual Clever Girl Organizing Challenge?

Because After The Season of Giving & Receiving Comes The Season of Decluttering… Thanksgiving launches this crazy time of year, doesn’t it? Holidays, shopping, hustle and bustle, parties, errands, cooking and baking, racing the clock, searching for the “perfect” gifts and decor to help make the season its brightest. But we all know what’s coming: […]

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10 things I hope you get out of Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” (and no, “spark joy” isn’t one of them)

Marie Kondo has a new TV show that launched on Netflix on January 1. Eight episodes of the messages of her best-selling book brought to life with couples and families looking to shed their clutter and lead a different life in their home. It’s exciting to have a show like this on television because I […]

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