Happy New Year… a Few Days Late, for a Good Reason!

It’s a few days late for a “Welcome to 2014” kind of post, but I waited a few days, because I saw an interesting situation lurking, and if I waited a few days, it would be a legitimate success (well, depending on how you define “success”) to trumpet. I hit 2 exciting (for me) milestones this weekend!


New Year for Clever Girl


But before I get to those… a look back, and a THANK you.  As many of you know, I left my full time HR role at the end of April, and rather than heading down the same path I’ve been on the past 20 years, I decided to take a chance and go in the direction I’d only dreamed about, but didn’t think I could really follow. I had always thought I’d enjoy being a professional organizer, and the concept of launching my own business, and an internet presence to go with it, seemed like a “someday, maybe” project. With the support of my husband, my parents, my friends, I took this chance.  


8 months later, I’ve had a bunch of clients (friends and former colleagues paved the first wave, and referrals and advertising are helping with the next one), and I’ve built a business plan and am trying to set out what 2014 looks like for Clever Girl.   Obviously, investing in this website, and on my Facebook page, and other sites like Twitter and Houzz and such are all part of getting my name out there. And, I’m one of the lucky ones; I *enjoy* writing posts, sharing tips, showing all the before and afters, etc.


So, with my internet persona being so important, what are these great milestones that have me so excited?



1)  Clever Girl Organizing has 227 friends on Facebook. Why is that so interesting and exciting? It’s a random number, right?  Well, only 113 of those people (officially less than half) are Kathy Vines’s friends on Facebook. That means that officially more of you are following Clever Girl on Facebook because you *discovered* me and liked what you saw, and not just because you’re a friend or family member who supports me and started following because I asked you to. 🙂   (Though, I know that last group could easily not stick around, so I’m hoping you like what you see, too!)


2) My blog has had (according to wordpress.com’s statistics) 10,000 page views (from people besides me!) since I launched it in May. TEN THOUSAND.  Oh, and if you’re interested, they come from 74 countries!  I mean, COME ON! That’s CRAZY!  I have readers in Belarus, Fiji, Isle of Man, El Salvador, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Estonia, Slovenia, The Russian Federation, Qatar, and dozens of other countries! (Biggest following outside the US is in Canada, UK and Australia… so cool!)


These statistics are just two random measures of “success”, I guess, but they certainly are inspiring to me, and will help me get a jump-start on 2014 to have even a better year than 2013!  I’m very hopeful that 2014 is more of a “get more clients” year than last year, but I know that starting a new business always means challenges on that front.  But I’ve got some exciting ways to work with people coming up, and some great deals ahead, so hopefully, when you or someone you know is ready to make a change, Clever Girl is who you’ll call!


So, Happy New Year ( a few days late) and thank you so much for sticking with me and coming back to see more!







  1. Suzanne

    When you have time to sleep? Just kidding (not really kidding). I’m very happy for you, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses once in a while. Oh yeah, and don’t spread yourself so thin that you forget about your family or have “burnout”! Enjoy the ride, I’m glad you are finally having your “some day” NOW!!
    BTW– Who is Kathy Vine? Your friendly competition? Happy, healthy 2014!!

  2. Clever Girl Organizing

    Thanks, Suzanne! 🙂 I do sleep… and take my sleep very seriously! And, of course Kathy Vines is Clever Girl’s daytime alter-ego. Well, I do a lot of Clever Girl work during the day, so, maybe “daytime” alter ego isn’t the best title, but you know what I mean!

    THanks so much for your support and for your well wishes! All the best to you in 2014!

    • Suzanne

      and to you and yours too! I VERY much enjoy reading all of your creative ideas, and look forward to learning a lot from you in 2014! My brain does not seem to have a very creative side to it, so I rely on you and Pintrist to help me “find” that special something. Thank you for all that you do to help us “get it together”!

  3. Rebecca Stapler

    Happy New Year, and congratulations on such awesome milestones!


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