15 in 15 in ’15…. Let’s Get This Challenge Started!

Yay!  It’s Challenge Time!


15 in 15 in 15


Okay, before we jump right in, let’s talk about this a bit, shall we?

First, this challenge that we’ll do for 15 weeks (yes, you read that right) is meant to help streamline all the spaces in your home that can get a bit chaotic. They cause frustration because, when we have more than we need, it’s hard to find what we’re REALLY looking for in the moment we want it.  We have to bat away all the stuff that we don’t need or want, to find what we really do. Some of these categories, we’ll discuss in some detail (like, maybe the Thursday post for GO Month one week will be exactly the category we’re working on in that week’s 15 in 15 in ’15).   But this is all about doing some upfront work so that later on in life, we have less stress.  Isn’t that what being organized is all about?


Second, we all know that proper decluttering requires some good TOOLS.  We might need a laundry basket for hunting down items and gathering them from around the house.  We’re definitely going to need some bags or boxes for getting rid of items (I expect a lot of items you gather in this challenge you can either donate or free cycle or sell on a local Facebook yard sale or however you typically pass on your “not for me any more” items).  


Third, we’re going to need a SCHEDULE for discarding items. Since we’re going to be doing a lot of this, make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to drop off donations or however you plan to let go of items, at LEAST every other week.  When things build up, they’re harder to face.  Make a schedule and a promise and make it happen. Put the items in your car so you know you’ll be able to pull right into the destination of your choice for the drop off.  Or, when you get the phone call saying that the so-and-so charity will be in your area picking up donations, schedule a pick up for yourself.  Stay on top of it, so it doesn’t stay on top of you. 


Fourth, we’re going SOCIAL with it this year.  Each Monday, I’ll post a picture of some of the items I am taking out as a result of the previous Friday’s challenge, and I’m encouraging all of YOU to share your photos, too!  Let’s all inspire each other, shall we? 


Finally, I’m going to try out a new word here.  We’re not decluttering; we’re UnShopping.  It’s the opposite of shopping and bringing more things home. You’re shopping to move things OUT of your home. You’re going to UnShop in your home to find the things that you no longer want to have.  Doesn’t that sound more fun?  UnShopping in your closets, in your kitchen, in your garage, in your basement. What do you think? Does that sound more fun that just plain “decluttering”? I think so!


So, our first challenge, Week One of 15:


Kitchen Counters


I’m thinking this one is going to be TOTALLY what many of us need right after the holidays, having the family and friends over, indulging in a few extra treats and beverages along the way. 


You’re going to go around your kitchen and investigate all the surfaces in that space, and find 15 items to let go of and UnShop.  Maybe items in the kitchen get tossed: Stale cookies?  The last of the chocolate sampler and only the yucky ones are left? The bottle of wine with one glass left (not in MY house, but maybe SOMEONE doesn’t finish the bottle, right?)  Or maybe it’s a dishtowel that just deserves to be retired. Or it’s the 2014 calendar!   


In any event… start hunting, and start UnShopping. 


While you’re at it, you might find yourself inspired to find more, or to do more clearing and cleaning.  Have at it!  Find the inspiration, and get down to a clean countertop.  It can bring GREAT satisfaction! 


Come Monday, I’ll post on Facebook a picture of some of the items from my kitchen counter, and we can all share. 


Ready…..?  G.O. (Get Organized!)



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