2016 Organizing Challenge: What’s Next?

I’m so happy to have been working with you this year on the Clever Girl Organizing Challenge! If you’ve missed any Weekly Challenges or want to revisit any from earlier, I’ve summarized all of them, below. 

Before we wrap up this 16 weeks together, I wanted to remind you of two things:

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Weekly Challenges:

Week 1: In the Kitchen, Part 1
Week 2: In the Kitchen, Part 2
Week 3: In the Kitchen, Part 3
Week 4: All the Clothes, Part 1
Week 5: All the Clothes, Part 2
Week 6: All the Clothes, Part 3
Week 7: Heading into the Bathroom
Week 8: All the Linens
Week 9: The People in Our Lives
Week 10: Wining and Dining Items
Week 11: Decor, Decorations, and Kids Artwork
Week 12: Electronics and Technology
Week 13: Entertainment and Media
Week 14: Hobbies, Sports and Fitness
Week 15: Paper Management
Week 16: Digital Management