Did you participate in the 2016 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge this year? Did you start, but then wander away for a bit, and want to get back to it? Here is a round up of all the challenges! 


16 challenge


Weekly Challenges:

Week 1: In the Kitchen, Part 1
Week 2: In the Kitchen, Part 2
Week 3: In the Kitchen, Part 3
Week 4: All the Clothes, Part 1
Week 5: All the Clothes, Part 2
Week 6: All the Clothes, Part 3
Week 7: Heading into the Bathroom
Week 8: All the Linens
Week 9: The People in Our Lives
Week 10: Wining and Dining Items
Week 11: Decor, Decorations, and Kids Artwork
Week 12: Electronics and Technology
Week 13: Entertainment and Media
Week 14: Hobbies, Sports and Fitness
Week 15: Paper Management
Week 16: Digital Management

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