There are a lot of people who are struggling with the outcome of the Presidential Election this week. I can’t tell you how many conversations I had the day after Election Day about people focusing on organizing their home, or thinking about decluttering  or even just saying they started cleaning because they didn’t know what else to do. It’s not surprising. It taps into two things we all need when we face uncertainty or disappointment: A desire to be in a safe and comfortable place, and a need to feel some control. 

So, because I’m hoping it will help some of us figure out where to go from here, I offer you 5 ways that Organizing and Productivity can help you get through a challenging time. 

How Organizing and Productivity Can Help if You're Feeling Knocked Down


  1. Figure out what’s important to you and eliminate what is not. Sometimes, experiencing loss can help you look around and see things with fresh eyes. Things you once thought were important suddenly seem meaningless with a new perspective. Take some time to start to gather those items and move them out. Make room for the things that are important.
  2. Tackle an important-but-ugly project that you’ve ignored for a while since it doesn’t look so awful anymore. As you focus on the future, it’s an opportunity for fresh starts. Find one of those projects that you know you should focus on, especially one of those Important-but-not-urgent ones that will help you know you’re taking care of things and not letting them build up and be scarier over time. A good example might be scheduling a long-overdue physical or doing your estate plan paperwork or creating a budget.
  3. Start a new (positive) habit. A way to get hope and enthusiasm for the future is to try to make some meaningful change in your own life. Maybe it’s time to really get your spending under control, start focusing on your health or weight, stop smoking, learn a new language, volunteering… you probably have an idea in mind already. Start to develop a positive outlook by committing to make a difference in your own life. 
  4. Extinguish a not-so-good habit. Tackle a vice, one that gets in your way of enjoying your life more fully, and discover how you might be a little more free to spend time on positive things. For some of us (like me), this means watching less media, less tv, fewer emotional triggers that seem to bring out the worst in us.

  5. Create a healthy home that makes you feel good to be in it, good about yourself, and welcoming to others. Some people may be anticipating staying squirreled in at home for a bit. If you ignore house cleaning and keeping up on the condition of your home, it will contribute to depression, apathy, and despair. Do what you can to combat this and create an environment for yourself that is nurturing and healthy. I’m not saying you have to get out of your pajamas; I’m just saying to throw out last night’s empty Chinese food containers and take the trash out on trash day. Keep up the basic habits of cleanliness, and let your home support you. 


I hope this helps you if you’re struggling and trying to figure out where to go from here. It helped me to write it for you. 


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