Guidance + Support + Inspiration + Motivation = Organization. 




I’m taking some of the best lessons I’ve learned leading the Clever Girl Challenges over the past few years, to create a program that takes the best of what we’ve done together, and amplify it for the most effective way to focus on these goals for 2017. Whether you were with us the past few years, or this is your first Challenge, because you’re FINALLY ready to conquer chaos and clutter once and for all, this Challenge is going to be the place for you, starting January 2nd! 

Here’s what I’ve learned, and how we’re making this year’s Challenge the best because of it: 


  • Each Challenge Chapter will be between 7 and 9 weeks. Chapters include assignments, encouragement, and tips to help you get your home and life more organized and less stressful. You’ll have the opportunity to join any and all chapters that you think you’ll benefit from joining. 
    • Resolutions Chapter – January and February. Kick-Start the new year with all the support and focus you need to get your space in shape!
    • Spring Cleaning Chapter – March and April. We’ll focus on all those tasks around the home that we know are important to keep our investment strong. 
    • Back to School Chapter – August and September. Focusing on all those time management and productivity challenges that this time of year can bring… even if you don’t have school-aged kids at home!
    • Ready-For-The-Holidays Chapter – November-December. Getting everything in order from entertaining to gift gathering to managing that social calendar full of obligations, you’ll feel like you’ve got a workshop full of elves helping YOU! 
  • An exclusive members-only Facebook Group will be set up for the 2017 Challenge Chapters. The Facebook group will have Challenge content, as well as weekly Facebook Live Q&A’s. 
  • In 2017, each Chapter will have a membership price of $20.17 for participation. 





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