Welcome to the 2019 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge

Thank you so much for enrolling in the 2019 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge! This is the 6th annual challenge I’ve hosted, and this year, we’re going back to basics with a Decluttering Challenge.


We’ll work together for 16 weeks, with each new Challenge starting on Mondays, and we’re going to work on every space in your home. The Challenge kicks off on Monday, January 7th (so you have a little time to breathe after New Years) and runs through April 28th. By the time Spring rolls around, you’re going to be loving your home again!

Your Next Steps: 

  1. Request to join the Exclusive Facebook Group, and when you’re request is accepted, introduce yourself to the group! You don’t need to wait until January 7th to do this. Join as soon as you can!
  2. Sign up for the 2019 CGO Challenge Mailing List, so you can be sure to get each week’s Challenge and other Challenge-related communications. 
  3. Make sure kathy@clevergirlorganizing.com is added to your contacts so you’re sure to get the emails!
  4. Share the news with your friends and family… we’re taking new members for the group through January 5th! 


You’ll hear from me both via email and in the Facebook group before January 7th. I’m so looking forward to having you in the Challenge and helping you achieve your goals!


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