Registration for 2022 Opens in November, 2021

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Do you need A FRESH START for 2021?




Is the 8th Annual Clever Girl Organizing Challenge for You?


Check out these questions and see how many “yes” answers you collect:


Are you overwhelmed with too much stuff?


Are you wasting time looking for things you’ve misplaced, or spending money
to replace them once you’ve given up looking?


Do you have doors you just wished would always stay closed because you
can’t stand to look at what’s behind them?


Are there spaces in your home you just can’t use as they’re
intended because
they’ve been taken over with piles of things
that don’t belong there?


Do you feel like you’re constantly playing “catch up” with the main rooms in your home,
but never really get “finished”?


Does your home make you feel like the *last* place
you can relax in these days?


Do you know you can get a handle on it all, but just need
the right kind of motivation and structure?


Did 2020 do a real number on your home
— your stuff, your space, your systems, your habits —
and you just NEED to have a FRESH START and hit the reset button?



If you answered yes to any of these questions,
it’s time to sign up for the 2021 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge!



The 2021 Challenge is designed to help you



WHEN: January 4 – March 27 (12 Weeks)


Tips, tricks, tough questions, homework, new tools… we’re going to look at it all!

We’re going to be tackling the spaces and “stuff” you’ve been meaning to get to: 

> Kitchen and Dining <

> “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” <

> Wardrobe <

> Memorabilia <

> Papers/Digital Chaos < 

> One Scary Space (You’re going to pick it — attic, basement, garage, spare room… what’s your scary space??) <


What to expect?

  • STRUCTURE AND GUIDANCE: Each week, you’ll receive a weekly email on Mondays with that week’s challenges we face and strategies to deal with that week’s assignment.  .  

  • COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT: You’ll join a private Facebook group with regular content during the week to support that week’s assignment. Members support each other to help achieve their goals of getting organized. There will be additional “Food for Thought” content and mini-challenges throughout the week in the Facebook Group, too. 

  • REAL-TIME EXPERTISE: Each week, Kathy will host a Facebook Live session talking about this week’s assignment. It’s an opportunity to hear her thoughts or for you to ask questions and get feedback directly on your issues that week. Monthly, a group Zoom call will allow for “Ask Me Anything” with Kathy, too!