Final Thoughts…

It’s our first full week of Spring, and we say goodbye to the 11th Annual Clever Girl Organizing Challenge! I know that my house is in better shape because of the last 11 weeks, and I hope you can say the same! (If you haven’t already chimed in on the final Facebook Group #Shareit Sunday about your thoughts and your plans, please hop on here and share!)

In the #Week11 #LiveWithKathy, I discussed a number of different concepts about ways to capitalize on the momentum you’ve built, and the many ways that Challengers can continue to use the structure and accountability of the Facebook Group to continue to achieve their goals. I also discussed some of the pitfalls and traps that can lead to backslides. I hope you take 30 minutes or so to watch it and keep it bookmarked for when you need future inspiration on how to get started and keep going!

Regardless of how far you got this year, how much you accomplished, how engaged you were, I hope you feel that you’re in a better place than when you started 11 weeks ago, and you learned some lessons that will help you in the future. I’m so grateful you were here!


I’ve already mentioned last week’s Facebook Live up at the top of the email to watch, if you haven’t already, but here are a few important points: 


The Facebook Group stays open for the rest of the year. In past years, people have continued to use this FB Group as a way to post about questions, celebrate their wins, share their projects for accountability. While I’m not going to be posting weekly emails, I’ll continue to post in the group through out the year to ask about what people are working on, their goals, interesting resources I come across, #local or #exit opportunities, If I have any speaking events open to the public, etc.

While it’s much slower activity than we’ve had the first 3 months, if you’re looking to declutter your digital life, I won’t be offended if you decide to leave the Group!!


I‘ll be reaching out to everyone who earned their FREE Virtual Hour with me! If you think you should have but haven’t heard from me by Wednesday, please reach out and we’ll get to the bottom of it!


For any Challenge member who would like to continue working with me 1:1 Virtually, I’m offering 10% off up to 3 hours of Virtual Organizing with me! (An hour is $90 before the discount). Virtual Organizing allows us to strategize together on some of your #scaryspaces or topics we didn’t tackle in The Challenge that you know needs attention.


    I would be so grateful if you could take about 10-15 minutes to review and complete a survey based on this year’s Challenge experience. No matter how far you got through the Challenge, the information is critical to helping me shape the future year’s experience! There are about 2 dozen questions, mostly multiple choice.

    I have different versions, so please choose the one that refers to your 2024 membership and click the link to the Google Survey:

    First Time Participants

    Returning Challenge Participants


    What’s on the horizon in 2024 for me? 


    Next week, I head to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)’s Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA. Several hundred other organizing and productivity consultants get together for a few days of educational sessions, inspiring keynote speakers, and some great networking and friendship. I’m excited! I’ve been attending every year since I launched my business in 2013 (2020 canceled due to the pandemic and 2021 pivoted to virtual). I come back inspired each time!



    If this is not something you already know about me, I’m ALSO a certified career coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). I primarily work with GenX and older Millennials – midcareer professionals across a variety of industries. Some of that work is career exploration, trying to figure out what to do with the next professional chapter. For many, it’s getting their resume in good order or improving their LinkedIn profile and engagement. It might also be help on telling your story more effectively or improving your interview skills. If this sounds like something you or someone you know could use, I offer free consultations, which can be booked here



    I’ve been working through some outlines and logistics for a topic that is near and dear to my hearts and may be to many of you, too. I’m feeling a calling to pull together a workshop series focused on education and support for sandwich generation women who are finding that what I call the  “top piece of bread” (the parents or seniors in your life for whom you are likely a primary caregiver now or in the future) is getting heavier, and we’re feeling a bit more smushed. (I’m calling it “Jam Sessions”, because whether or not you have kids, or the lower piece of bread, we’re in the middle like some jam.) The idea is that I would bring topics that are heavy on this elder-caretaker-generation’s mind, everything from legal and finance questions to navigating health issues and healthcare systems to having difficult conversations with these loved ones about when it’s time to stop driving, move out of their home, make significant life changes. I’m trying to do these workshops first person here in the Melrose area first (this fall?); maybe virtual after I get some sea legs with it and can conceive of a design. 

    In addition to some education (I’m no expert, but I hope to bring up topics with some outside expertise and more a peer-to-peer learning exchange), as well as a support structure, a safe space to tell stories and gain insight about struggles without judgement. If that sounds familiar, it’s basically the approach I have here in The Challenge. 

    I find that this is a conversation I have with so many people — what we’re navigating, what we’re scared about, what we’re frustrated with — while trying to bring the best support possible to that generation ahead of us. As I said, I’m feeling a calling to do this, and if this is something you want to talk more about with me or have some ideas (local to me or not), *please* reach out and let’s chat. Or be one of the first to follow my Facebook Page to see where the heck it goes from here. It’s called “I’m the Jam” (also on IG: @imthejamsandwich). 



    I’ve been working here and there for a long time on my second book. It’s not dead, but it’s not close to being where I want it to be. It is ironically about Time Management and Productivity. Send well wishes to the book 🙂 


    I just spoke at the Swampscott library, and I have 2 corporate events I’m speaking at this spring in the Boston area. I’m not sure my in-person speaking business is as resurected as I hought it would after the pandemic through it for a loop, but I’m always excited to get an inquiry from an organization who think I’d be great for their audience. I’m booking in person and virtual speaking events in 2024, and excited to already have a few on the calendar! If you know a group that would love to hear from me about Organizing, Living with Less, or Time Management/Productivity, let’s talk! I work within a variety of budgets and I’m sure we can make something happen.


    2024 continues to be a year of another passion of mine, Election work. You may know I’m not only a poll work on Election Days here in Melrose, I’m also a part-time seasonal worker in our City Hall, supporting all the behind the scenes work for mail in ballots, early voting, etc. In 2024, we have 3 elections, so this year will keep me busy!

    I also have 2 fun longer vacations/travel planned so far with my husband – a week in Tuscany and an RV trip through Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks! While the Tuscany trip is, I hope, a relaxing one, the RV trip has required a ton of organizing (yay) and planning (yay).

    If you’re not already following me on Instagram (@kathyvinessays) you can watch for some photos and updates on the fun part of life there, too!


    I’m so very grateful to have had so many people join in this year’s Challenge and make it one of the best experiences for me yet! It still amazes me how this little project I started 11 years ago continues to grow and inspire, and I’m filled with gratitude for those of you who return each year, and for those who bring along friends and family to share in the inspiration!

    I am blown away by the achievements people create for themselves, the support that strangers give to each other, and the sense of community and trust that is organically built. I’m truly blessed to bring content I love to a group of people who appreciate it and rise to the occasion!

    I’m ‘m in the business of changing lives for the better, and I’m filled with gratitude that you invited me into yours this year.

    Happy Organizing!

    Kathy (aka Clever Girl)