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  Are you ready to love your home again in 2024?

Is the 11th (ELEVENTH!!!) Annual Clever Girl Organizing Challenge for You?


Check out these questions and see how many “yes” answers you collect:

  • Are you overwhelmed with too much stuff?
  • Are you wasting time looking for things you’ve misplaced, or spending money to replace them once you’ve given up looking?
  • Do you have doors you just wished would always stay closed because you can’t stand to look at what’s behind them?
  • Are there spaces in your home you just can’t use as they’re intended because they’ve been taken over with piles of things that don’t belong there?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly playing “catch up” with the main rooms in your home, but never really get “finished”?
  • Does your home make you feel like the *last* place you can relax in these days?
  • Do you know you can get a handle on it all, but just need the right kind of motivation and structure?

D0 you just NEED to have a FRESH START and hit the reset button?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions,
it’s time to sign up for the 2024 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge!


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The 2024 Challenge is designed to help you



WHEN: January 8 – March 24th  – the first week of spring! (11 Weeks total)


Tips, tricks, tough questions, homework, new tools… we’re going to look at it all!

We’re going to be tackling the spaces and “stuff” you’ve been meaning to get to:

Kitchen & DiningBed, Bath, and Beyond | Clothes/Wardrobe | Memorabilia |

Holiday Decor | Kids’ Stuff / Toys & Games | Papers/Home Office | 

Scary Spaces (You pick it — attic, basement, garage, spare room??) 

♦︎ and MORE! ♦︎


What to expect?

STRUCTURE AND GUIDANCE: Each week, you’ll receive a weekly email on Mondays with that week’s challenges we face and strategies to deal with that week’s assignment. 

COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT: You’ll join a private Facebook group (required) with regular content during the week to support that week’s assignment. Members support each other to help achieve their goals of getting organized. There will be additional “Food for Thought” content and mini-challenges throughout the week in the Facebook Group, too.

REAL-TIME EXPERTISE: Each week, Kathy will provide Facebook Videos focusing on about the week’s assignment. It’s an opportunity to hear her thoughts or for you to ask questions and get feedback directly on your issues that week. A Monthly group Live Zoom call will allow for “Ask Me Anything” with Kathy, too!

Please note: Participating in the Challenge means you agree to receive emails from Clever Girl Organizing and join in the Exclusive/Private Facebook Group, as both are key components to success.

2024 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge Membership: $64 (no change from 2023!)

LEVEL-UP YOUR SUCCESS: Private Coaching with Kathy!

 Want a stronger path to success?

Add on Two (2) 1-hour private coaching sessions, 1:1 with Kathy, aka Clever Girl, to your package! Kathy will consult with you on your specific needs and offer strategy, trouble-shooting/ brain-storming, and accountability!

A $244 value, discounted for Challengers in 2024 – Private Coaching + Challenge Membership = $209

Here’s what people say about the Clever Girl Organizing Challenge:

” ‘Life changing’ is how a friend described the challenge and now after completing it, I agree. Kathy’s knowledge and expertise mixed with her thoughtful approach really made the weekly challenges achievable. I loved having a community of support because the challenge was all I wanted to talk about!

“I’ve tried many decluttering challenges in the past. This is the first (only!) one that has worked for me. The combination of emails, lives and most importantly, the Facebook Group, was hugely motivating and inspiring. Seeing others make progress, and share it in the Group, encouraged action and, for me, accountability too. I’ll be back next year!”

“Kathy is down to earth, doesn’t judge and motivates you in a tactful way, reminding you how good you’ll feel when you finish a challenge! She encourages you with positive reinforcement! I loved he videos where she really gets philosophical and gets you thinking differently about important things in our lives to address!”

“This provided the structure and motivation I needed to make a big difference in how I feel about my living space. Guidance from Kathy and inspiration from others were a perfect combination to get things done. I would not have seen the same results if I had attempted to do this on my own.”

“Thank you for all you do to help motivate & encourage folks to make changes that truly impact our daily lives. Especially in this last year where a lot more time was spent at home it has been helpful to rethink & repurpose spaces for how we need them to function in these changeable times.”

“I think this was the best money I’ve spent in a LOOOOONG time.” 

Ready to join in?

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