Who is Clever Girl Organizing?


I’m Kathy Vines, Certified Professional Organizer®, Coach, Speaker, and Owner of Clever Girl Organizing®I help bring serenity and order (and clever solutions!) into your home or office. Focusing on your goals and what’s getting in the way of you living and working the way you want, I work with you to find and implement the best solution possible so that you can reclaim your home, your time, and your life. 


Every day, I get to take what I’m great at, what I love to do, and bring it to people who need it, making a difference in other people’s lives in a way that I truly find rewarding.


How did I become Clever Girl?

I’m a natural organizer, but that wasn’t always the case. 

  • Growing up, my room was always a mess.
  • At college and early adult life, I was constantly disorganized and suffering because of it.
  • I was always searching for lost keys, late because I couldn’t find the shirt I wanted to wear, missing deadlines. 
  • Sometimes, being disorganized cost me money: replacing “lost” things, buying extras of things I had forgotten I already had, discovering misplaced and expired coupons and gift cards.  
  • And then, there was the aggravation and stress, knowing that I didn’t like living this way, wasting time, wasting money, not being able to entertain without the panic of moving piles and hiding things in closets.  

I didn’t realize that there could be a different way.
Then I found one.


And then one day, I took something that was driving me nuts and did something about it.  I organized my sock drawer. (Seriously. I know, it’s a cliché, but it’s true). I knew the disorganization of my sock drawer cost me time and aggravated me every day, looking for the right socks or stockings, only to find mismatched pairs and stockings with runs.

After realizing the peace that the newly organized sock drawer had brought me, I decided that every day for a week, I would solve a different organizational challenge in my life, once and for all.  I couldn’t believe how much stress I’d eliminated from my life in just a few small projects. The relief was infectious, and the rest is history.

Since then, I’ve been helping people, organize their spaces, time, systems, and even thoughts. 


People tell me all the time:

“You get me. You really understand what’s important to me and
why it’s important to me.”  



Prior to organizing, I had a twenty-year career in Human Resources, and I have an MBA and Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and I am an executive coach, all of which help me be a better organizer, every day. My background ensures that I’m able to focus on YOU, not just a “one size fits all” approach to creating the best solutions for the way you want and need to live. 


I am committed to improving the lives of my clients and enhancing my industry.


I am active in my industry, my education and credentialing, and a proud member of the leading professional and educational organizations in the industry: 

Certified Professional Organizer Logo

Certified Professional Organizer® or CPO® certification through the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. CPO® Certification is a voluntary, industry-led effort that benefits the members of the organizing profession, as well as the public. It recognizes those professionals who have met specific minimum standards, and prove through examination and client interaction that they possess the body of knowledge and experience required for certification. Certification recognizes and raises industry standards, practices, and ethics. 


NAPO Logo - National Association of Productivity and Organizing ProfessionalsNAPO Leadership:  The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals™ (NAPO®) has approximately 4,000 members dedicated to helping people and organizations bring order and efficiency to their lives. NAPO’s mission is to be the leading source for organizing and productivity professionals by providing exceptional education, enhancing business connections, advancing industry research, and increasing public awareness. I joined NAPO in 2013, and am a Golden Circle Member, signifying 5+ years of membership. I’ve been active in Leadership roles for committees and task forces on the National and Local Chapter level.

In 2021, I was honored to be awarded the President’s Award to recognize my contributions to the organization and the industry. I’ve played on the National and Local level:


I am a proud ICD® subscriber. This not-for-profit organization provides education and training to professional organizers & related professionals who specialize in working with the chronically disorganized and has equipped me to serve clients affected by chronic disorganization and with ADD with targets strategies, skill, and techniques.

I have earned the Specialist Certificate in Chronic Disorganization and a Specialist Certificate in Basic ADD Issues with the Chronically Disorganized Client designations following education and exams.  


Clever Girl Organizing® was founded in 2013 and is based in Melrose,MA, serving the North Shore / Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. Outside that area?  Be sure to check out the options to work with me virtually!  

Towns/cities in the Clever Girl Organizing Service Area:  Malden MA, Medford MA, Melrose MA, North Reading MA, Reading MA, Saugus MA, Stoneham MA, Wakefield MA.


Welcoming clients of all races, cultures, identities, and orientations.