Clever Girl Organizing Media and Press Appearances:


“Marie Kondo’s new show raises an uncomfortable question: Which brings more pleasure — buying things, or getting rid of them? by Beth Teitell. The Boston Globe. January 15, 2019

The Good Life Coach with Michele Lamoureux Podcast, January 2, 2019 

Better Homes and Gardens “Secrets of Getting Organized” Magazine, Early Spring 2019 Issue

Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized Early Spring 2019’s “Keeping You Organized” Podcast, “Productivity Under Pressure,” Episode 241, “How to Organize Your Home, Room by Room, Part 8: The Home Office,” November 2018’s “Keeping You Organized” Podcast, “Living with Less,” Episode 221

Interview with Stephen Warley, of Life Skills That Matter Podcast, “Find Your Purpose by Purging Your Life“, Episode 195

Interviewed by Melrose Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Lauren Grymek, for “Melrose Chamber Chat.” Produced by MMTV, March, 2018.

Do you know your clutter triggers? A Professional Organizer’s Tips” by Beth Teitell, The Boston Globe. March 27, 2018.

40 Years into the War on Clutter, and We’re Still Overwhelmed by Stuff. What’s Going on?” by Beth Teitell. The Boston Globe. March 27, 2018.


Better Homes and Gardens, “Secrets of Getting Organized“, Spring, 2018. On Stands Now! 

Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized Spring 2018 Blog, “Attic Organization Tips to Help You Find What You Need, And Get Rid of What You Don’t“, February 12, 2018


Clever Girl Organizing has again been named to the 17 Best Boston Home Organizers for 2018! 


Public Storage Blog, “How to Stay Organized Throughout the Year,” January 7, 2018


Better Homes and Gardens, “Secrets of Getting Organized“, Early Spring, 2018.

Secrets of Getting Organized Magazine Cover, early spring issue

Secrets of Getting Organized, Early Spring 2018 Issue. On stands 12/26/17 – 3/25/28


Interview with Zachary Sexton, of “Able Business Radio” Podcast

ABR30: Declutter Your Business, with Kathy Vines


Interview with James Lott, Jr., of “The Super Organizer Show” Podcast

The Super Organizer Show, Episode “Clever Girl’s Guide to Living with Less,” Recorded August 28, 2017


Interview with Janet Barclay, of “Organized Assistant

Interview with Professional Organizer and Author, Kathy Vines 


“Thrive! with Heather Poduska” – in studio guest for Winchester Community Television and Thrive! Podcast (video and audio links available)

Thrive Episode #48 – “How To Thrive Living with Less” with Guest Kathy Vines


Boston Voyager Magazine, July 19, 2017:

Meet Kathy Vines of Clever Girl Organizing on the North Shore


Interviewed by GetRid, Cambridge, MA, July 14, 2017:

Kathy Vines’ Guide to Living with Less


Boston Globe, Sunday Real Estate “Address” Section, March 19, 2017: 

Spring cleaning: 11 favorite no fuss-tips from experts in organization


Melrose Press, September 16, 2016:

Make the Most of National Preparedness Month


Daily Item, Lynn, MA, February 22, 2016: 

Mobile Market Looks to Expand



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