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Guidance + Support + Inspiration + Motivation = Organization. 


2018 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge Sign Up


Now Open for Registration until January 14th!

Is the 5th Annual Clever Girl Organizing Challenge for You?


Check out these questions and see how many “yes” answers you collect: 

  • Are you a paper saver, yet deep down you know you don’t really go back to those papers again?

  • When new papers – bills, forms, confirmations, flyers, cards – come in the house, do you tend to just put them on a pile because you just don’t know what to do with them? 

  • Are your printed photos a mess, stored in tubs and boxes and bags, and cause you stress to even think about facing them? 

  • Do you have albums you never look at, yet wish you could look at and share those memories?

  • Are your digital photos saved on multiple devices, duplicated, or trapped on your phone so long that you can’t upgrade your software? 

  • Are you holding onto old computers and phones purely because they have photos?

  • Do you worry if someone else had to find important papers in your home on your behalf, they never would?

  • Does watching news coverage of floods, fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes make your heart skip a beat when you think about the fact that that could be YOU losing all your photos someday? 

  • Do you just know deep down that if you don’t have someone or something else making you focus on this stuff, it will never happen? 

  • Are you finally ready to conquer the photos and the paperwork that you’re swimming in? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions,
it’s time to sign up for the 2018 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge!



What’s this year’s Challenge all about? 

The 2018 Challenge has 2 Chapters, back-to-back, starting Monday, January 15th:

  • PHOTO CHALLENGE: Organize your printed photos, digital photos, other media (slides, tapes, undeveloped film, etc.) – 8 weeks

  • PAPER CHALLENGE: Organize your current paperwork, recent files, long-term files, personal files and correspondence, and the flow of future papers coming in the house – 7 weeks

1. Each week, you’ll receive a weekly email on Mondays with that week’s “Think About this” and “Tackle This” direction. “Think About This” will discuss some of the challenges we face and strategies to deal with that week’s assignment. “Tackle” this will be a tangible activity for you to take on during the course of the week.

2. You’ll join a private Facebook group with regular content during the week to support that week’s assignment. Members support each other to help achieve their goals of getting organized. 

3. Each week, Kathy will host a Facebook Live session talking about this week’s assignment. It’s an opportunity to hear her thoughts or for you to ask questions and get feedback directly on your issues that week


You know it’s time to get a handle on this stuff. Join me and people just like you, looking to conquer the chaos, once and for all! 


We’ll go from PILES to SMILES!

We’ll go from TEARS to CHEERS!

We’ll go from MESS to YES!


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