Check in on the Weekend Challenge, and this week’s Fourteen in ’14

Happy Monday!  I hope you totally aced this weekend’s challenge of cleaning out your linen closet!   At my house, we got rid of a bathroom rug set (you know, the 3 part kind with the rug, the one that goes around the bottom of the toilet, and the seat cover), a few other not-so-bright-white-anymore bath rugs, and a bunch of lotions, bath gels and other items I just don’t see ever using. I also got rid of my flat iron for straightening my hair, when I realized it had been several years since I used it.


If you hadn’t already done last week’s Fourteen in ’14 challenge, decluttering 14 items from you home, maybe this challenge helped you meet that.  If not, that’s okay, it’s a new week, and a new Fourteen in ’14 challenge!

14 in 14


We’ve got a big week ahead of some good challenges for your home! Mostly Twenty-Minute Attacks will do for most of them, so you don’t need to dread that it’s going to take a lot of time this week to keep up with the challenges.






  1. Rebecca Stapler

    oooo … I hope my weekend clean-out can count for this week. I definitely got rid of 14 things when I cleaned out my desk 🙂


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