Clever Girl Solution: Tablet Charging Station

I recently helped solve a problem we all seem to face more and more these days:  How to accommodate tablets and chargers with limited counter space.

This project was on a bedside table — the owners’ preferred “home base” for the Kindle and the iPad. But just a limited amount of space meant that they had to wrestle with it a bit.  Add to that the cables falling behind the table, and charging just was a bit more of a pain than it needed to be.

My suggestion?  Get a napkin holder, which would be roomy enough to take both tablets.  Then, add a binder clip, and run the chargers through the clip ring, so that they don’t fall away.  The owner knew he had an attractive napkin holder he could repurpose already, and it was a quick fix!

Tablet owners are very happy with their Clever Girl solution!

napkin holder charging



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