Cool Products from Conference: Honorable Mention Round-up

Well, it’s Day Five of Cool Products from Conference Week!  Hopefully, you already checked out: 

Here are a few other honorable mentions for the week


  1. Pliio folding organizers.   I first mentioned Pliio to you when I shared “How to Fold and File your T-Shirts”.  But what’s great about Pliio now is that they are coming out in new sizes! There is a smaller size (good for smaller clothing for adults, like tank tops, or just for kids clothes) and a stacking version, to keep on shelving, rather than in drawers.  Check out the new sizes in action: 



2. Closetmaid New Premium Cube Organizers (available exclusively at Target, as of June 1!) Listen, I don’t get all that excited over a bookcase, but let me tell you… this one is a game changer.  Sure, you know Closetmaid, and that they’re well made, affordable book cases, and they have coordinating bins to go in the cubes.  But this new version is great for two reasons:  

1) it comes in a really nice woodgrain brown (“Weathered Oak”), and are raised with some legs off the ground, which, to me, makes it feel more like living room furniture, rather than the white I normally see, which feels like bedroom or office furniture and

2) the shelves, for the very first time, are adjustable!  You can put binders and photo albums that you were never able to do before, or have a tall piece you’re featuring. It really changes how you use this item for storage and display, and I’m thrilled they FINALLY (with plenty of input from organizers at LAST year’s conference) to make this happen.  OH! And their new bins now have a loop, in case you want to attach your own labels to them. 


closetmaid organizer


3) One of the office supplies that stuck with me was the Ampad Shot Note collection.  This is a set of paper products (from small note pads all the way up to flip charts) which have all the pages marked with 4 different images in each corner.  When you use their app to take a picture of the page you just hand-wrote on, you can snap the picture, and, by aligning the guides in their app to the 4 corner images, it automatically crops just the written space inside the corners.  You can then automatically update that image to Evernote, or you can email or text it elsewhere.  It’s another great tool that allows you to tie in paperful and paperless processes together.  I loved that they came in blank, lined or graph pages; I can totally imagine using these with clients of mine for drawing out ideas, and then capturing them in my Evernote notebook for client projects. 


shot note




Well, there are others I could talk about, for sure, like ProSlat’s gorgeous and sleek look for wall systems for garage, interior, or retail spaces (and their awesome new motorized bicycle lift, available this summer, or HomeZada‘s online home inventory and maintenance tracking systems, or any number of cool new office products from Pendaflex and Smead


So, that wraps up my Week of Cool Product reviews from the NAPO 2014 Conference! I hope you found something that interested you, too!  If you end up trying something out, please let me know!! Would love to hear how it helps get you organized!








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