Cool Products from Conference: The Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Tracker from Smead

Day Four of my sharing of my favorite products from the NAPO conference…  the Smead Stick-n-Find. I mentioned earlier in the week that I won a free gift in a raffle, and this is what I won!



won a prize

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!


stick n find


A set of two retails on Amazon for $45 as of the time of pushing “publish” on this post (Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker – Set of 2), so I was happy to win a prize that was kind of valuable! 


But, more importantly, as soon as I saw it on my first tour around the Vendor Expo, I thought “Man, THAT is cool. I need THAT!” 


You see, sometimes, I lose things. Yes, an organizer can lose things.  It’s our dirty little secret. We’re not perfect. We could use some help. 


And this could help me.  And this could help YOU. 


The Stick-N-Find is a Bluetooth locator that you can use to find anything you think you may need help looking for in the future:  keys, phone, tablet, remote control, luggage, laptop, purse, eyeglass case, etc.  It is a personal tracking device that works with iOS smartphones, tablets and select Android devices that support Bluetooth.  With an app on any one of those devices, you can track, monitor and retrieve anything you’ve tagged. 


You can use one app to track up to 20 items at once (my package came with 2, and that seems like plenty for now!) and has a range of 150 feet. (How big is your house?  I’ll bet it’s not 150 feet.) You put a tracker sticker on the item you want to keep in sight.  The sticker is about the diameter of a quarter, and the thickness of three quarters stacked.  

stick n find stacked


There is a “find it” function and then a “virtual leash” function.  

Find it seems obvious, right? It’s lost, so find it. (You know how your phone battery dies and calling it no longer helps? Well, THIS battery is good for a year, and replaceable when it dies.)  When you activate the app, there is a radar-like locating signal, and the stickers have a buzzer and a light, so you can find it in the dark!  (Keep in mind — if you want to put a tracker on your phone, you’re going to need a different device with Bluetooth and app to find it)


The Virtual Leash function works the other way… it notifies you if an object moves out of a selected range (pets? bicycles? something else you don’t want swiped or wandering?) 


There is also a key fob (2 in the package, actually)  that you can attach to a key ring, leash, zipper, etc.   And, if you decide you want to take the tracker off an item, you can.  You’ll need new double-side adhesive to attach it to something else, but it’s totally doable.


So, ask yourself:  

What do you keep losing track of,

what keeps aggravating you when you do,

and can this help?


(Note:  if you answered “my mind” or “my sanity”, I think you’re going to need to wait for a future version. Smead can’t help you. But Clever Girl tries! )












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