Cool Products from Conference: The Time Timer

 Day Three of my product review from the NAPO conference, and I really couldn’t wait any longer to share this one!   I could not get enough of the Time Timer.  This is a visual representation, on an analog format, of an amount of time diminishing to a countdown. Are there ways to set alarms and timers all over your house and devices now? Sure there are.  Do any of them give you an analog visual clue to instantly provide feedback in a glance on how much time is left?  None that I know of, that’s for sure. And it is SO simple to use.    You can get a wall clock (12″), a desk clock (8″), a small travel size clock (3″), a watch… or, an app!     timetimer display

There is even a way that you can put a numberless face (sold separately) on the front of some of the clocks, and apply stickers for things like morning or bedtime routines, homework, screen time, to help train kids on routines and understanding the relevance of time.  (No more ‘five more minutes!’ calls and having to stalk the digital clock!  Just set the clock to 5 minutes, watch the red disappear, and watch kids self-monitor through the vanishing red.)  You can either get the standard one with a blank face to insert, or a plastic covered one, with the handle, and apply the decals (sold separately) to the face.   

timetimer decals

The digital versions for mobile devices are really interesting, too. I love that they include things like the option to not have your screen go to sleep during the countdown and that you can set multiple concurrent countdowns at once.     


timetimer apps

Here is how I used mine the other morning:  I was getting ready for my day, and I can sometimes get distracted in the morning, staying on my computer too long, or begin focused on something else, and losing track of when I need to leave the house.  I set my iPhone app for the amount of time I had, put my phone aside but visible, and kept track with a glance as I stayed on track all morning, redirecting my focus with the suggestion of just how much red was left!  


timetimer app

The clocks range in price from $29.95 to $44.95, depending on the size. The watch is $89.95   The app is about $3 for the iPhone, Android Phone, and Apple Watch, and about $5 for the iPad (more functionality than the iPhone). It also has a desktop version (Mac or Windows) for about $25. So, go check out the website, and the amazing variety of ways you can put the Time Timer to work for you today!    




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