Cool Products from My Conference Week: LifeInCase Document Organization

This week, I’m reviewing all my favorite products from the NAPO conference I attended last week.  One new product for each of the first four days, and then a round-up of some others on Friday.  Be sure to check them all out!

Today, I want to introduce you to LifeInCase. (And, boy, do I love a clever pun, and this one has one, for sure!).  

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a big proponent of emergency preparedness. LifeInCase is not only soooo up my alley in that space, but it is such and EASY way for anyone! no matter how prepared they already are, to get started in a meaningful way on being prepared.

LifeInCase is a durable plastic carrying case, with plastic folders inside, designed to organize and hold your most important paperwork that you keep at your home, and that you would want to “grab and go” in the event of an emergency.


The LifeinCase includes:

  • 5 durable plastic folders, labeled: Personal Medical, Financial, Estate and Property
  • Checklists for what documents you need for each
  • Grab-and-Go Tote (small enough to grab, but large enough, with a 500 page capacity, to have everything you need)


Also, so cool — they have them in a standard green model, or one for each branch of the military, suitable for families who move regularly, and always need their important documents with them! 


WHY I LOVE THIS PRODUCT:  It makes planning for emergencies easier, and you’re able to contain your most important information in one place, so that it is there when you need it.  ANd, if you don’t know what your “most important information” is, their checklists will guide you! 


The people at the booth were also promoting label holders, so you can stick important information (or your professional organizer’s business card 🙂 ) right on the outside, I actually suggested to the sales people at the vendor booth that another use for that would be to put one on the INSIDE of the case, and stick a copy of your safety deposit box key in there.  They loved that idea!  


In addition, the company offers an ability to store valuable information in the cloud, through a partnership with MobilLogic.  


The Life In Case comes in multiple patterns and colors, retails for $34.99 (with discounts for multiples)  and is available on their website.

Special offer!  Use my affiliate code CLEVERGIRL for a 10% off deal, or CLEVERGIRLUSA for 15% off any of the military-themed cases. (I receive commission if you take advantage of this deal.)




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