Cool Products from My Conference Week: Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer

I am fresh off four days in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I spent three and a half very full days at he NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) conference, with hundred and hundreds of other professional organizers, learning about the latest trends in our industry, helping us with our clients’ needs and our business needs. It was my first one, and I am back with a spinning mind, much to absorb and leverage, and most of all, share with my clients and my readers here!


One of the most fun parts of the conference is actually seeing the products and services that, as a professional organizer, I can consider recommending as solutions to my clients for their needs. There were some great ones there, and I thought it would be fun if I spent the 5 days this week going over some of my favorites! The first 4 days, I will profile a product each day (in no specific order) and the 5th day, I’ll share a rundown of some honorable mentions. 

By the way, I haven’t received compensation for any of these items, buuuut I did WIN one of them (winner, winner, chicken dinner!) so I get to try it for free. That one I’ll share later this week. Some of the products I liked so much, I’ve decided to join forces as an affiliate. (What that means is that I would get a percentage of sales for anything that my readers buy, if they click on my link.  What it also means is that I only will sign up to be an affiliate when I believe in a product, and I will ALWAYS tell you that I am an affiliate, if I am.

First up!  One of the first vendors I spent a decent amount of time talking to:  Adam Levine, designer of the The Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer.  

I’ll admit, I have an organizer in a my closet that I bought at The Container Store a number of years ago.  I’ll tell you that this Wrap iT Organizer made me instantly resent mine and what it doesn’t do for me! 

Here are some pics from the conference (the rest on my post I borrowed from the Wrap iT site, since, um, they did a better job showing the awesomeness than I did.) 

gift wrap rolls gift bags
The Wrap iT bag holds rolls of wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, cards, and even a spot for your scissors and tape (right where you need and use it).   Each individual roll of wrapping paper is looped in on its own, which helps keep everything in order, looking neat, and protected. 
They come in two sizes: a regular size and a deluxe size.  What i love about the deluxe size, in addition to the greater capacity in its separate pockets, is it holds those extra long rolls (the kind I always seem to buy at Christmas, and have to stash separately from the rest of my wrapping paper, because they don’t fit in all the typical holders. 
The benefits of Wrap iT are clear (get it? clear? because it’s clear plastic?  Okay, back to the benefits):
  • See everything you have
  • Keep it all organized — everything has its place
  • Keep your wrapping materials protected
  • Stash it away in a slim way (hang it up in a closet, and it takes up about as much room as a jacket) or store under a bed


Honestly, as I am thinking about what will work for me, I’m thinking about two of them — one for year-round gift wrap and bags, and one just for Christmas wrapping, and I can put that away with the rest of my holiday decorations, and keep the paper organized, safe, and dust-free.
They are available online their website. The regular size retails for $54.99 and the larger size is $59.99.   Interested in trying them out?  Check them out through my affiliate link to see the product videos and try it out for yourself! (And, yes… they have package deals for multiple sizes or two-packs for about $99!)




  1. Adam Levine

    Hey Kathy!!! So nice of you to say such nice things about the Wrap iT!!!! It was great to meet you at #NAPO2014

  2. Janet Barclay

    That was one of the coolest products I saw too! So simple, yet so clever!



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