February Kick-off: What’s coming up the next few weeks at Clever Girl Organizing

I thought I’d start this post by thanking you all for participating in the Resolution Challenge for January. I know right after the holidays, we all need a little bit of a break, and hopefully you were able to use the 14 challenges to help get back into the swing of things, and recover a little bit of the ground we all seem to lose in our homes during the holiday season.

I heard from a number of you that did every challenge, and some that did a few challenges but then *that* work took them into different directions for other projects. The best projects in your home will be the ones that are the ones you stare at every day, and you manage to keep finding ways to avoid conquering them. Hopefully, throughout the year, we’ll find ways to tackle all the areas of pain together!

As for me, I’m taking a little break from the organizing this week (though I am headed on a trip to IKEA with some other professional organizers later this week), and gearing up for one of my favorite events: The Winter Olympics! And you can just bet that the two-plus weeks of Olympics will also come with some Clever Girl posts… Olympic-themed, of course! Stay tuned!

Until then, as you shake your fist at the Groundhog for sentencing us to 6 more weeks of this crazy winter, I hope you’re continuing your motivation from last month and looking to make your own list of projects you’d like to take on this week, month, season, or even year. We’ll talk more in the next weeks about how to find those projects and make a plan to conquer them!



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