Get Ready for the Holidays: Clutter-Free Gift Ideas (part one)

I wouldn’t be a very good professional organizer if I didn’t point out that Christmas gifts can be a big part of our homes having too much clutter. People mean well and buy us gifts that we don’t always love, can’t use, feel bad about returning, etc. Or, maybe we try hard to buy our spouses and kids things, so that they have things to open on Christmas morning,  but they end up destined for the donation pile.


In an effort to help curb some of the clutter accumulation this Christmas, I’m sharing TWO days of Clutter-Free Gift Ideas!  Over 130 ideas for gifts for everyone on your list this year!


gift idea week clutter free






Eat it, Drink it, Be Merry:

1. Wine, liquor, beer

2. Chocolate, candy

3. Baked goods

4. Coffee, tea or cocoa

5. Specialty ingredients (oils, vinegar, sauces, seasonings, spices, etc.)

6. “Of the Month” clubs (cheese, fruit, beer, wine, bacon, etc.)

7. Citrus fruit shipment

8. Dessert sauces and toppings

9. Breakfast kit (pancake mix, syrup, bacon)

10. Seeds or vegetable plants for the garden

11. Snacks: trail mix, granola, or GORP, popcorn, s’mores kits, nuts

12. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership

13. Restaurant gift card

14. Coffee shop gift card

15. Beer Making or Wine Making session

16. Special/themed event or an afternoon tea at a restaurant 


Indulge and Pamper:

17. Massage

18. Hair salon visit for women

19. Hot shave for men

20. Manicure/pedicure (for men OR women!)

21. Facial or other skin treatment


Get Around, in Style:

22. Gas card

23. Airline gift card or miles transfer

24. Subway or train pass

25. EZ-Pass

26. Zipcar membership

27. Exotic car rental

28. Car wash coupons

29. Car detailing service

30. Premier parking pass (ski lodge, sports events, town beach)

31. Bicycle tune-up

32. Oil change


Home Sweet Home:

33. Flowers, trees

34. Lawn service

35. Gutter cleaning service

36. Carpet cleaning

37. Mulch or compost

38. Handyman service

39. Knife sharpening service

40. Firewood (not clutter, but the house consumes it)

41. Home improvement store card

42. House Cleaning service

43. Time with a Professional Organizer, of course!



Enjoy an Experience:

44. Theater tickets

45. Movie tickets

46. Comedy club/Improv tickets

47. Concert tickets

48. Wine tasting or brewery tour

49. Hot Air Balloon ride

50. Skydiving

51. Sail/harbor cruise

52. Sporting event tickets

53. Paint and sip classes (wine and painting? Sure!)

54. Arrange a “behind the scenes” tour of their favorite place

55. Weekend out-of-town – hotel, transportation, etc.


Make them a Member:

56. Zoo

57. Museum

58. YMCA/Gym

59. Rock climbing gym

60. Aquarium

61. Symphony

62. Local pool, tennis or golf club



I’m only half done with this list!! Check out Part Two for even more clutter-free gift ideas!




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