Get Ready for the Holidays: Clutter-Free Gift Ideas (part two)

In an effort to help curb some of the clutter accumulation this Christmas, I’m sharing TWO days of Clutter-Free Gift Ideas!  Over 130 ideas for gifts for everyone on your list this year!   Yesterday, I shared over 60 ideas with you; today, I finish up the list. 


gift idea week clutter free



Help Learn Something New:

1. Dance lessons

2. Painting or drawing classes

3. Cooking or baking classes

4. Knitting or other crafting hobbies

5. Ski, snowboard or skating lessons

6. Exercise classes

7. Flying lessons or flight school

8. Foreign language lessons

9. Art appreciation classes

10. Music lessons – instruments or voice

11. Magic lessons

12. Juggling

13. Trapeze lessons

14. Cake decorating class

15. Magic tricks

16. Bridge or poker

17. Pottery/glass-blowing/ jewelry making

18. Sailing

19. Self-defense

20. Martial arts

21. Computer skills

22. Golf pro lessons

23. Tennis pro lessons

24. Race car driving

25. Acting or improv lessons

26. Gift Certificate to and adult education program


Get Active:

27. Sports camp

28. Golf greens fees

29. Mini-golf pass

30. Bowling pass

31. Personal trainer session

32. Tumbling, gymnastics or acrobatics class

33. Yoga or pilates

34. Zumba or ballet barre class, spinning, or Cross-fit passes

35. Horseback riding

36. Ski lift ticket

37. Ice skating or roller skating

38. Skateboard park pass

39. Amusement park or water park tickets


Entertain them:

40. Kindle books

41. Subscription to online entertainment: Netflix/Hulu Plus/Gamefly

42. Subscription to online newspapers or magazines

43. iTunes gift card

44. Red Box card

45. Upgrade cable for a premium channel

46. Upgrade one of their “free” websites or apps to a subscription (Evernote, picmonkey, Flickr pro, photo hosting sites, etc.)


Give a Helping Hand, offer your time and your skills:

47. Babysit

48. Sewing/Mending

49. Pet sitting

50. Pet grooming

51. Make a meal

52. Teach someone how to do something you’re good at

53. Mow the lawn

54. Shovel snow

55. Help with renovations

56. Decorate for the holidays


Give the Gift of Helping Others:

57. Give a gift certificate so they can choose what charity to donate to Just Give.

58. Give a gift that supports issues around the globe:

59. Give a loan to choose a recipient for a microloan with a Kiva certificate:

60. Find their favorite causes or charities, and make a donation in their name.


Create memories:

61. Digital frames, preloaded with pictures

62. Memory box or scrapbook from unorganized mementos

63. Convert old VHS or 8mm to DVD or flash drives

64. Framed photo of you and the giftee…  since it may otherwise never make it off of Facebook…  only if you know the receiver will truly love it AND have space for it, without feeling obligated.

65. Prepaid phone cards


Let Them Shop for What They Love:

66. Amazon gift card

67. Costco/BJ’s membership and gift card (One of the best gifts I got last year!)

68. Personalized Gift Card: Visa or Mastercard, and you can upload a photo to it, or select from their gallery. Has the person’s name and a message on it.

69. Lottery tickets (and a coin to scratch them right away!)


I hope you have found some awesome inspiration for meaningful gifts that don’t add to the clutter this holiday season! 




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