Getting Started – Things to Know about the 2022 CGO Challenge

Hello, I’m so excited that the Challenge is starting soon and we’ve got such a great group ready to go! You already got a lot of helpful info in the “You’re In!” email that you received after signing up. I just wanted to share a few more things before we get started.


1) Please hit “REPLY” to this email and let me know you received this. This is my last audit to make sure everyone is receiving the emails they’re supposed to receive each week. I have a new email system this year, and I’m still working out some kinks. 

2) If you haven’t already joined the Facebook Group for the 2022 Challenge, be sure to head here to sign up. If you are having problems doing this, please message me.

3) There will be a Preview Facebook Live on Sunday, Jan 2, at 8pm Eastern, for about 30 minutes. Head over to the Facebook Group and find the EVENTS tab and you can also indicated that you’re “going” to it, and get a reminder! To watch, head to the Facebook Group around that time, and I should appear as “going live” around then in the Newsfeed. Don’t worry – if you can’t make it live, it gets recorded and you can watch “on demand” at your leisure.


“How should I prepare for Week 1?” 

For First Time Challengers, I get this question a lot! I thought I’d take a moment to put some context to how we’ll start.


I’ve shared the sequence of weeks and topics that we’re working on, but as a reminder/heads up: 

Week 1: The FOOD – we’ll clean out and organize the fridge, freezer, pantry, bar, etc. 

Week 2: Kitchen/Dining: everything we use to prep, cook, serve, eat, store, and clean! 

Week 3: Bed, Bath, and Beyond – Linens, HABA (Health and Beauty Aids), and  Medicine, etc. 


You don’t have to do EVERYTHING on the list each week — you’re going to review your own spaces and determine your priorities AND the time/energy you have to dedicate to each week’s task. Some weeks, you’ll be diving in and getting to the bottom of all of it! Some weeks, you’re going to be putting in about an hour and just hitting the highlights. This is ALL OKAY. This is about supporting YOU and YOUR goals for you home. 


BE PREPARED: Think about what you’ll need to get ready for each Week before getting started: 
– Bags for trash or recycling

– Bins / boxes for donations

– Basket to gather “these belong somewhere else” items

– Supplies for cleaning out decluttered spaces

– Things to keep track of items, like post-it notes, sharpies, tape for boxes, etc. 

– Camera or phone/camera for your Before and After ( #banda ) photos! We will be having a contest this year for people who choose to share these photos — learn more on the Sunday FB Live



The Typical Week:

Each week, we’ll have a bit of a fixed schedule, so you know what to expect and how to plan your week:

Message Monday: Each week, on Monday morning, you’ll get an email that looks like this one, outlining the week’s challenge. A link will also be posted INSIDE the Facebook Group.

Tackle it Tuesday: In the Facebook Group, you’ll get a prompt to ask what you’re planning on tackling this week, what you’re worried about or wondering about, and to share some “before” photos of your project. Before and After photos are *always* one of the favorite parts of the Challenge for members (but are not required)! 

#ScarySpace Thursday: We’re going to give this important work some real focus this year for those who are ready to take on a complex, multi-week project. If you ARE taking on a #Scaryspace this year, this is the day where you’ll share your intentions, progress, challenges, and successes!  

Just for Fun Friday: I’ll share some interesting-but-not-critical things to think about in the organizing and productivity world in the Facebook Group. 

Share it Sunday: In the Facebook group, we’ll share our thoughts and feelings how we did this week and any thoughts about the week’s challenge and our experience with it.

Livestream with Kathy: On Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, there will be a 20-30 minute Facebook Live video. The video will be recorded and available to rewatch in FB if you miss it live. I’ll also be doing a monthly Zoom call which allows for a lot more interaction and Q&A.



Get Acquainted with the Facebook Group:

INTRODUCTIONS: You may already have seen that people are starting to post their #memberintro introduction posts. If you haven’t already, create a new post to introduce yourself. I hope to hear from everyone! 

Tell us about who you are, where you live, if you’re new or a returning Challenge participant, if you’re new – how you found out about it, who else lives with you and is part of your clutter/organizing journey, and, if you know me personally and want to share how, please do so! If you have a specific goal or focus for the Challenge, share that, too. PS – including a personal photo or a GIF is always loved! 

You can always head to the “Topics in this group” section and click on #memberintro to read them all! 


GUIDES: The GUIDES section is new for me for the Facebook Group this year, so I encourage you to check them out. This is where I’ll keep some “static” information that can stick around as a resource throughout the Challenge, rather than repeating it all in the Weekly emails. There is already some information loaded there; go check them out, and I’ll let you know when I add more content throughout The Challenge. 


WEEKLY FACEBOOK LIVE – #WEEK1:   Mark your calendars: The #Week1 Facebook Live will be Thursday, January 6, at 7pm Eastern. 


Bring your friends… but hurry!:

Registration for The Challenge ends on Sunday, January 2nd. Encourage your friends and family to join you, since I firmly believe that having accountability “buddies” in these kinds of processes can be a huge amplifier of success! 

Sometimes, I hear from people after The Challenge starts, looking to join. If a CURRENT MEMBER sends them to me (“Oh my gosh – my sister/neighbor/college roommate is doing it and I was hoping I could sign up”) I will take late registration through Thursday morning, the 6th, only from a “friend of a current Challenger”. The link to register on my webpage will no longer be live, so they will have to email me directly at and tell me who sent them 🙂




That’s it for now! I’ll cover this and more in the Challenge Preview Facebook Live on Sunday evening, but if you have any questions, between now and then let me know! 

Thanks, and see you in the Facebook Group!

Happy Organizing!

Kathy (aka Clever Girl)