Guest Post over at… and she thinks I’m *Awesome*!

Wow!  Just read this write up that Catharine Craig, career counselor/inspirer/blogger, wrote about *me* and how and why I came to start Clever Girl Organizing.

Don’t know Catharine? You should.  She thrives on helping people figure out what their passion in life is, and how to turn it into action and build a career around it.  Don’t we all hope to achieve that?? Catharine connects with her readers to inspire them to “Wake Up”“Tune In” and “Create Awesome”.   She writes to help inspire people to identify what they love and create a plan to achieve it.   She also profiles people who have been successful a tapping into their passion and building a life around it, in her “Create Awesome” category. I was *so* flattered when she said I fell into that special group!

And to help demonstrate the passion I have for helping simplify people’s spaces and lives, I shared with her readers some sneak peeks of my “Get Ready for the Holidays” series… even some tips I haven’t even shared with all of YOU yet!

Go check out Catharine’s entire blog… I bet you’ll find it as inspiring as I do.



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