Holiday Cards: Giving and Getting, all while being a little more organized

They’re coming in fast and furious.  Holiday cards.  Flat ones. Tri-fold ones. Ones covered in glitter. Ones with pics of kids you barely recognize, because they grew 8″ last year.  All of them make you smile.  Right?  Or do they… 




The first one comes in, and you think, “Wait, what?  It’s too early!! I haven’t even thought about these yet!  How did they manage to do this??”  and you chalk it up to “they must have a secret to getting it done.  No one expects them yet. I’ve got weeks.”  You display it on a counter for now, because you really don’t imagine yet that “displaying cards” is something you need to think about yet. It’s just “displaying CARD.”


Then, a week passes, and a couple more come in.  “Hmm..  I guess it’s getting a little more real. I should definitely start thinking about this.”


I’ll admit it:  Mine aren’t done yet.  They’re not done yet because, well, I haven’t *really* started yet. Well, that’s not true, either.  I tend to make mine with a bit of a crafty side, so I’ve started that. I had great efforts a month ago, and the craft-mess-in-my-wake to prove it.  But I’ve been swamped (you probably noticed, with the lack of blog posts lately) and haven’t revisited it.  


So, I thought “Wait!  I have great advice on how to get organized for sending out holiday cards AND for displaying my holiday cards…  why don’t I just revisit what I said LAST year, and remind myself?”   And here I am. Reminding myself.  And you. 


If’ you’ve already sent yours out?  AWESOME JOB!!  If you haven’t, take a look here: 


Get Ready for the Holidays: Sending out Holiday Cards




If you’ve sent yours out, but not figured out just what to do with yours yet,  I’ll share the project I helped a fellow blogger with last year.  Rebecca Stapler from and I worked on a great, simple, and inexpensive project to display all of her holiday cards. 


Photo from

Photo from



Be sure to check it out, and let me know what YOU are trying this year!



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