It’s February 1st. How about a Do-over on that Resolution?

According to a survey from StatisticBrain, 58% of New Years Resolutions make it to today. That number drops to 44% on July 1. So, where are YOU in that mix?

I’m proposing a do-over to those of you whose motivation and determination trickled away, or to those of you who decided not to make one, but now realize that a goal would be good for some positive focus in your life. 


new years resolution do-over



What to do:

1) Write out your resolution. Is it a good one? I don’t mean “is it worth it” but rather, “did you write it well?” Is it clear and actionable? Or just “be better with my finances” or “be happier”. It needs to be action-oriented, specific, and measurable. 

2) Be clear about your “why”. Why is this resolution important to you? How will your life improve if you achieve it or make progress against it? Your “why” is your compass; it helps remind you, even on the days you waiver or feel like you failed, why it is worth trying again the next day.

3) Get accountable. There are lots of ways to do this — share on social media, enroll a friend to keep you honest, start a diary or a blog, get an app that helps you track your progress. When your resolution lives outside of just your mind, it can and will be “stickier”. 

4) Build in a reward (or a punishment) at milestones of achievement. Are you someone who responds more to the carrot or the stick? When you know yourself, you can set the horizon to what best supports you. 

5) Recognize that today is a perfect day to try again; you don’t have to wait until next January 1 to make YOU a priority!

So, what will you do differently on 2/2 that will help you with more traction from 1/1? 



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  1. Janet Barclay

    I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of including the WHY but it really makes sense in terms of staying motivated!


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