Let’s Get Prepared! Day 30 – What Have You Accomplished, and What is Left to Do?

Day 30 of the Let’s Get Prepared! Challenge, and it is our wrap-up post! Twenty-one posts this month were designed to help you make improvements in your home and your readiness for disasters and emergencies. From planning to preparing to dealing with repercussions, we’ve explored this important world from many directions.


Some of these may have seemed more challenging than others, and some you may have said, “Yeah, this is important, but I just can’t get to it right now.”  So, I’ve created one easy post for you to bookmark or email to yourself and put dates in your calendar to continue to focus on this important part of life. 


Emergency Preparedness Challenge



Here are all the links from the Let’s Get Prepared! Challenge:


Let’s Get Prepared! Challenge Kick-Off


Phase 1: Assess Your Risk

Day 1 – Assess Your Risk

Day 2 – Assess Your Risk, Home Edition


Phase 2: Create Your Plan

Day 5: Get and Stay Informed

Day 6: Create Your Plan

Day 7: Communication Plan

Day 8: Document and Insure

Day 9: The Special Ones in Your Life


Phase 3: Gather Your Preparations

Day 12: Build Your Emergency Kit

Day 13: First Aid Kits

Day 14: Home Safety During Shelter-In-Place

Day 15: Car Emergency Kits

Day 16: Protecting Information and Documents


Phase 4: Practice and Maintain

Day 19: Review, Replenish and DON’T RAID!

Day 20: Can You Be a Minimalist AND Be Prepared?

Day 21: Don’t Go Into Debt to Prep

Day 22: Spread the Word


Phase 5: Build Your Skills

Day 26: Learn a New Skill

Day 27: Health and Safety Skills

Day 28: Food and Water Skills

Day 29: Life Skills for Self-Sufficiency

Day 30: Wrap-up and Build your Catch-Up Plan (this post) 




Today’s challenge:  

Check off what you’ve done, and make a list of the ones you still need to get to. Put specific reminders in your calendar for the scheduled times you’ll set aside to focus on moving forward with this work. 


Reminder:  Our goal here is to take steps towards improvement.  The content in these posts is designed to inspire thinking, not fear. 



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