Need Help? Is Virtual Organizing Right for You?

Many people who read my blog probably have a basic understanding of what a Professional Organizer does.  We work with people, in their home or office, on the spaces and systems that are causing challenges in their life. We work together to improve the space or their skills and routines to live a more organized life. It leads to less waste (of time, of money, of energy), less stress and more appreciation of our homes, offices, and lives. 

But have you heard of Virtual Organizing?  I’ve been working with clients that don’t live ANYWHERE near me, through my Virtual Organizing services, or what I call “My Expertise and Your Elbow Grease”, and I thought I’d share a bit more what that is, and why you might be a great candidate to work with me or another Virtual Organizer out there. 

Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing is a great way to get advice and support from an expert, but to get the work done at a time that works for your schedule, and for a fraction of the cost that it would take to have that expert with you.   Why is Virtual Organizing a great option for some people, maybe even you?

  • You’ve been trying to make progress on your own, but you know it’s time to take it to the next level. You’re ready to work with an organizer, maybe even a particular one you’re familiar with (like me!), but you don’t live near one, or the one you want
  • You are willing to spend money on the investment of working with an expert in order to get your home and life in order, but you want to do it in a way that is perhaps less expensive than one-on-one, in-person, hands-son organizing.
  • You know you can do the work on your own, but that you’d be much more successful if you had tailored guidance and accountability.
  • You know that getting organized takes time, but you don’t know that you can commit to full sessions with an in-person organizer. You know you could make progress with just connecting with an organizer, one hour at a time, on a regular frequency, to successfully achieve your goals. 


How does it work?

  • We meet via your-favorite-video-connection (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout) and spend time together to talk about:
    • Your space
    • Your goals
    • Your strengths
    • Your challenges
  • We’ll come up with a plan tailored for you to make a difference in your space and with your systems, and break it down by session.  
  • In between sessions, you’ll have homework, and we’ll work together in our sessions to create the plan, plot your approach, and get you started. Then we’ll meet to revisit your progress and achievement, and, if necessary, troubleshoot any challenges you ran into along the way.


That might all sound great, but it isn’t a great fit for everyone. Are you a good candidate for Virtual Organizing?  Read these questions and see for yourself. 

1) You are good at working on your own, at your own pace, and finishing what you need to accomplish a task.  You are probably comfortable with DIY activities, as long as you have a plan and some guidance on where to start and where to go from there. You do well with projects which require you to be self-motivated. You’re good at doing homework. 

2) You have time you can set aside to make progress on your goals.  You’ve got time, even 20-minute blocks, that you can commit to focus on the work you need to do in between sessions. 

3) You’re comfortable enough with technology to make the Virtual part work.  Nothing too challenging, but you should be able to:

  • use Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout, and a strong, consistent internet connection 
  • take pictures of your spaces and share them with me (privately) in advance of appointments
  • use a mobile device with a camera so that we can occasionally explore different parts of your home

4) You’ve found yourself saying, “Oh, I wish I lived closer to Clever Girl Organizing! I’d hire her in a second!” 


If you think this might be JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED, then maybe it’s time we talked.  I have a variety of packages to meet your needs and your budget. Set up a FREE, 20 minute initial consultation call to see if this might be just the answer you need to move your life forward today! Don’t put it off. The sooner we start working together, the sooner you’ll achieve your dream!




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