New Year + Monday = Second Fresh Start of the Year

2014 Resolution

So, I don’t know about you, but for me, New Years didn’t seem like the start of anything new, because it was really still smack dab in the middle of a holiday week, especially with New England being stuck in the latest Snowmageddon.  It was hard to focus on “New Year! New Me!” on Wednesday, when I was really focusing on, “Wait – we’re getting how much snow?” and “Why don’t I have real food in the house after being away for a week and a half?”  And, since we know all new habits and lifestyle changes can ONLY start on Mondays (some sort of universal law of do-overs), I am choosing TODAY, January 6th as the beginning of 2014’s awesome new habits and resolution launching!

Now, I know some of you swore that 2014 was going to be the year you get more organized, because I’ve heard it from you!  And, well, a subset of that group may be saying to yourself, “Oh, Thank you, Lady from the Internet, for granting me an ordained do-over on my resolution!” Whether you started last week, or are starting today, I just want to invite you along with me all through January as we kick-start some new habits and new successes in 2014.

Stay tuned throughout January as I help to provide some challenges and ideas for where you can start to tackle some of those areas and processes that just aren’t awesome right now.  We’re going to get there! 2014 is totally going to be YOUR year. (Are you getting psyched yet? I know… it’s early Monday… hard to get excited just yet.)

In the meanwhile — got anything you want me to focus on??  I’m taking requests!  Drop me a line or reply below, and let’s get the whole Clever Girl nation behind you!

So, Happy New Year, for reals this time! 🙂



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  1. Rebecca @ Stapler Confessions

    Haha! Yes, I already needed a do-over on my resolution to get to bed earlier. And, I started last night. So, 1 night down, 364 to go …



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