Organizing Challenge: Fourteen in ’14

You read my post about a fresh start on our resolution to get more organized in 2014, and I didn’t scare you away? You’re with me?  Good!  Let’s get this month-long resolution adventure started!

Today, we’re going to start simple.  We’re going to do a little decluttering and purging. And, yes, in case you’re wondering, *I’M* doing this challenge right along side you!

I want you to find 14 items you can let go of this week. We’re going to do this each week in January, for a total of 56 items in the month.  But just 14 each week.  Every Monday, I’ll remind you that it is time to get back to this challenge.

14 in 14

You know my “Twenty Minute Attack“?  Well, you’re going to see me bring this up a lot in January, because there are tons of things we can do around the house in a short amount of time that will make a real effort. This challenge is going to be one of them. So, pick a room, set a time for 20 minutes, and focus on finding 14 things that you can donate, recycle or trash. I don’t care if it is an envelope on a desk, the 4th slotted spoon in the kitchen utensil drawer, the broken clock you know you’ll never fix, or the pair of pants that are never going to be part of your every day wardrobe again.  Maybe it is a few items that you kept around until the end of the holiday season, but now it’s time to part with them. I’m not picky; do whatever works for you.

Focus, and find 14 of them.


(Extra points for filling up the 20 minutes, no matter how many items you find past 14!)

You might want to think about having a place for items that are going to be donated already set up. A box or some paper shopping bags will do the trick (unless you find yourself parting with furniture, which probably won’t fit in your standard shopping bag, but I still applaud your efforts.)  But if you set up a box or bag now for things to start to gather, you’ll be good to go for a drop off to or pick up from your favorite donation place by the end of January.

Ready, set, GO!





  1. Linda Stephenson

    This is a great idea and very achievable. Thank you for the support and encouragement. I am going to share this with all my friends.

    • Clever Girl Organizing

      Thanks, Linda! I hope all the challenges this month are achievable (and share-able!) 🙂

  2. Brianna Johnson

    I love this idea! I think I can easily manage 14 items a week for the next few weeks.



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