Organizing Challenge: Last One for the 2014 Resolution Challenge Month!

So, we’ve been together all month, and you’ve done a ton!

  1. Fourteen in ’14
  2. Clean Nightstand Drawer
  3. Linen Closet
  4. Electronics and Technology Equipment
  5. Plastic Storage Containers
  6. Spice Collection
  7. De-Junk the Junk Drawer
  8. Attack a Pile
  9. Socks and Underwear
  10. Clean Out and Clean Up the Car
  11. Bags, Bags and More Bags
  12. T-Shirt Fold-and-File
  13. Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

And now, we’re ready for Number 14 in ’14, our last weekend challenge:

Get all of those piles of “needs to go somewhere” out of the house!


Over the month, you’ve probably set aside some items that need to go somewhere else… anywhere but stay inside your home.

  • Items you’ve set aside to donate
  • Library books that need to be returned
  • Dry Cleaning to drop off
  • Things you’ve borrowed that you need to return
  • Clothes you’ve been meaning to get tailored
  • Things that need to be repaired
  • Coins to go to the bank to deposit or cash
  • Bottles to cash in for deposit
  • Recycling or Trash items to the dump (if that’s where yours go)
  • Any other “I need to do something with this” pile or box you’ve gathered this month

You’ve attacked and accomplished so much this month, that I hope that you’re feeling like you’ve grabbed your 2014 Resolution to Get Organized and really gotten a hold of it for the year ahead!  There will be plenty more challenges and tips throughout the year, of course, but I’m hopeful that this launch we did together helps you feel like you can conquer the rest of the spaces and systems in your home, and live a more peaceful life in those walls around you!  Thanks for taking this month and doing these challenges with me, side-by-side!  You made it!

So, tell me… how did you do?



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