Organizing Challenge: T-Shirt Fold-and-File
(revisiting one of my top posts!)

I get a lot of great feedback on the post I shared a few months ago about fold-and-file t-shirts.   It caused a lot of buzz when I posted it, and I keep hearing from people who have tried it and love it.  I thought it was worth sharing again. It’s a perfect challenge for our Resolution Month!


I just worked with a client this weekend, and we did this for their shirts, and they were blown away by the difference — more room, easier to see everything, much more likely to wear all their shirts, not just the top one on the pile, and easy to maintain!

So, if you’ve never seen the post before, read it and check out what I’m talking about, and why I think it’s such a great idea.  And if you read it before and said, “Hmm… I should try that with my shirts” or “I should try that with my spouse’s shirts,” now is the time!

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  1. Rebecca Stapler

    We do this with my husband’s t-shirts now and he loves how easy it is to choose a shirt for the day. I love how I can finally fit them all in the drawer when I’m putting them away.


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