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You look around your cluttered, chaotic home and say, “I’m overwhelmed. I want to get rid of stuff. I need to get rid of stuff.” Instead, you run into reason after reason why you need to keep things. You’re frustrated, and you don’t know why you can’t just let go.

Clever Girl’s Guide to Living with Less brings fresh understanding to WHY you’re struggling, and strategies for HOW to break down the barriers and break free from your stuff, once and for all.

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Kathy Vines is a Certified Professional Organizer ®, productivity specialist, coach, and speaker. She helps people untangle their relationship to their stuff and create a plan for living more simply and more organized every day.


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Kathy Vines

Certified Professional Organizer,® 
Productivity Consultant
Based in Melrose, MA.

Kathy Vines, Clever Girl Organizing

Clever Girl Organizing® works with clients in their homes or offices to transform their space and systems, minimize stress, and maximize efficiency, productivity, and serenity! Her superpower is helping people untangle their relationship to their stuff!


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