Polishing your Medals [Metals]: Cleaning a Stainless Steel Sink

Still enjoying all the awesomeness of Sochi, and all the steel blades of the ice dancing, figure skating, and hockey skates turns my attention to keeping my own stainless steel glistening and shining!

Do you have a stainless steel sink?  Have you looked at it lately? Give it a good look.  Mine gets water spots and a dingy haze with almost a blink of an eye. Even keeping it clean of food takes some work; sometimes I think my sink can easily be the least clean place in the kitchen!

To keep my sink clean, I engage in a deep clean that really leaves me with such stunning results, I almost don’t want to use my sink again afterwards, and keep it pristine!

For supplies, you’ll need baking soda (make sure it’s fresh!), white vinegar, and paper towels.

First, give the sink a good cleaning of food and other stuck items you have been living with in there.   (I use an old toothbrush to scrub at the drain and the underneath the garbage disposal flaps to help clean that area.)

Next, with a damp surface on the sink, I coat the bottom with a heavy sprinkling of the baking soda.



I then lay paper towels over the baking soda.
Finally, I soak the paper towels by pouring white vinegar on the paper towels (this prevents the vinegar from going straight down the drain, and stays in the sink and reacts with the baking soda.


After a couple of minutes of letting the bubbling work, I take the paper towels and gently rub the sides and rest of the sink with the activated towels, and make sure that all the surfaces have been cleaned.

I then rinse thoroughly with fresh water, and then wipe (one or two more times) with a dry, clean towel, to help reduce any film or haze that exists, a leftover from the baking soda.




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  1. Margaret

    Interesting way to clean stainless steel sink. Thanks.


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