2017 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge: 4-Chapter Package




The best deal available to make the most of the Four Chapters of the Clever Girl Organizing Challenge in 2017! Select a membership bundle to all four Challenge Chapters and save 20%!

  • Resolutions Chapter – January and February. Kick start your new year and your resolution to get organized!
  • Spring Cleaning Chapter – March and April. Focusing on some of those “I know I need to do this” tasks that help keep your home in tip-top shape!
  • Back-to-School Chapter – August and September. We’ll focus on productivity and time management, and how to keep the chaos to a minimum! (Not just for people with school age kids!)
  • Ready for the Holidays Chapter – November and December. Between entertaining, gift-gathering, and keeping all your obligations in order, we’ll stay focused on the timetable and feel as organized as Santa with a workshop full of elves helping him!


All Chapters will be available a la carte, or select this bundle for a one-time special of 20% off for joining all 4 Chapters, and work on conquering clutter and chaos and eliminating stress, all year long!