2017 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge — Back to School & Get Ready for the Holidays Chapters




Purchase both the “Back to School” Chapter (Aug 14 – October 8) and the “Get Ready for the Holidays” (October 30 – December 24)

Back to School Chapter: Join for an 8-week challenge on digging into Productivity and Time Management issues — We’ll take on the tough challenges, like:

  • Can’t seem to get everything done?
  • Can’t seem to kick yourself off of Facebook and do what you need to?
  • Struggling with prioritizing? Problems with managing a calendar for a busy family?
  • Letting things fall through the cracks?

Tips, tricks, tough questions, homework, new tools… we’re going to look at it all!

And all with the busy “Back to School” season… even if no one in your home is going back to school, we’re treating it as “Fresh Start” season!


Get Ready for the Holidays Chapter:

From Halloween to Christmas, we’re all under a crunch! This Chapter is more tactical, helping you get ready for:

  • Gift Giving
  • Creating family memories
  • Entertaining
  • Houseguests
  • Decorating
  • Keeping Your Sanity!