Small Things in Order: Inside the Medicine Chest

I tackled an annoying spot in our home. “Have you seen the nail clippers?” or “Do you know where the tweezers are?”  Do you hear that in your home? I know I do sometimes, and I always know, we can make this easier. 

For about $5 and 5 minutes, I made it easier. 


I decided to build a magnetic board on the inside of our medicine cabinet door (some are already metal, but mine is wooden).  I found a cute magnetic chalkboard at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and decided this would be the perfect size for my needs; not only would it fit the tools I wanted to contain, but it would fit between the medicine cabinet shelves, allowing it to close smoothly. 


board ad pen


I already had a chalkboard pen (kind of a liquid version of chalk, still removable like chalk), and I picked up some heavy-duty ceramic magnets, which I knew would hold up to the task. I wanted the magnets to remain on the chalkboard, and just be a landing place for the tweezers, nail clippers, nail file, etc. 


chalkboard and magnets in package


After writing a message on the board, put the hot glue gun to work, spreading a bead of glue around the perimeter of the back. 


glue gun


Then, made sure I placed it in the perfect spot for closing the door smoothly. 


mounted chalkboard


So happy with the final results! And now… no excuses!  The nail clippers have a home!


with tools


What do you think?? 









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