Small Things in Order: Tackle Those Wires!

I have been talking with some clients over the past few months, as they have been doing tremendous things in a small space.  They’ve managed to make many changes in a small and narrow living room and really have fallen back in love with the space.  Over the past few months, they’ve changed out their furniture, from bulky to slim, changed the layout to open up the flow, new lighting, and took the TV up onto the wall.   They even went the extra mile to work with an electrician to run the wires back through the wall, so their wall has a beautifully clean look. 


A beautifully clean look on the wall, but… maybe not so much where the other items like the cable box, modem and router are, that is! Here’s the view from the couch of the “before”:

 full wires before



So, we tackled that this weekend.  All it took was a basket, some velcro cable ties, and some cleverness!

First, we used the basket right up against the wall where the plug is. We were able to use the basket to neatly coil the extra length of cords and cable. 

basket with wires


Next, we ran the cable lengths through the handle in the back of the basket, so that we only used as much cable as necessary outside the basket. 


Third, we decided to move the cable box down one shelf. It was still totally in a great place, but it really meant we had less cable to work to hide.


Finally, the cables were gathered close to the shelving unit frame, and velcro ties were used to fasten them in place. 


side by side wires


The whole project took less than ten minutes.  And the homeowners are THRILLED without how much of a difference it made.  What a way to make sure all their hard work in this space to make it look so beautiful wasn’t wrecked by having to stare at an octopus of wires!



What do you think??



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