Want another way to get what Clever Girl has to share? Hear it from me, live and in person! 

I speak at events for a variety of audiences, including corporate settings and community-based groups, on a variety of topics in the organizing world, including topics such as:


  • Time Management: Best Kept Secrets of Good Managers of Time 
    • What a Good Time Manager Knows
    • What a Good Time Manager Does
    • Tools and Resources You Can Try TODAY
  • Goal Setting Success: From Imagination to Achievement 

    • How to Write Clear and Meaningful Goals
    • Setting Up Strategies for Achieving Them
  • Become a Productivity Jedi: Conquer the Chaos Where You Sit, From Your Physical Desktop to Your Digital One 
    • Understand How Physical and Digital Clutter is Distracting You From Your Success
    • Do You Need a To-Do List Makeover?
    • E-mail Strategies For Keeping Up, But Not Keeping It All
  • Beyond the ABCs:  Organizing Your Classroom with Both You and Your Students in Mind
    • Why Does Organization in the Classroom Matter?
    • How Does YOUR Being Organized Support Your Student’s Learning and Growth?
    • 6 Steps to Start Next Year on the Right Foot



  • Living with Less: How to Get Past Your Stuff and Get the Life You Want 
  • Getting Ready to Downsize: How to Make The Plan That’s Right for YOUR Next Move
  • Organizing With Children: Get Their Stuff Organized, and Get Them to Help
  • Is Your Computer a Digital Junk Drawer? How to Organize Your Important Information, and Keep the Clutter Away
  • Getting Organized Pays Off: Top 10 Ways that Getting Organized Today Will Help You Save Money Or Bring In Cash
  • Back to School: How to Kick Off the School Year and Stay Organized… Let’s Make it to Spring This Year
  • Dear Santa, Please Send Me an Organized Holiday Season This Year: Tips to Get The Holiday Season You Dream About!


I can deliver PowerPoint presentations, or “unplugged” versions (old school flip-charts? No problem!) or visual-free presentations. 

These can be one-hour presentations — great for community group meetings, parent organizations, business-owner organizations and corporate “lunch and learns” —  or work with you to customize a longer workshop to meet your needs. 

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help bring the principles of organizing to your audience!