Spring Ahead? Does that mean SPRING is coming? REALLY???

First of all, Hi!  I know… it’s been a while!   Looks like my new website is going pretty well so far, with a great transition from the awesome team at Spin The Web, and I’m starting to try out some of the new bells and whistles underneath the new site.  Baby steps!


What a perfect way to poke my head back up and say hello than to remind you to turn your clocks forward this weekend!  It’s SPRING FORWARD on Saturday night (or, Sunday morning, if you’re like me).  

Spring forward


The bad news:  We lose an hour of our day on Sunday.

The good news:  We’ll get an extra hour of sunlight…. and even more as we continue to march towards summer.  Have you started to notice that things are staying lighter a *little* longer than it seems they had?  Well, hang on for even more of that sun-filled joy! I can almost see the spring peeking out behind the frozen piles of no-longer-white-snow around our property. In fact,  even as I type this, I hear a bird chirping outside.  I almost didn’t recognize the sound when I heard it. 


Speaking of chirping….  it’s also time for ANOTHER great habit:  Changing the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors! (And if you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors? Please buy and install some.  It’s heart breaking to hear the stories on the news of people who have gotten sick or died, followed by the statement “No carbon monoxide detectors were found in the home”…)


And you know what comes with spring?  Spring cleaning!! It’s hard up here in New England or some of the colder spaces in the country to even imagine that there will come a time where we’ll open up the windows and let in the fresh air, but it’s coming, and we’re going to take it on together!


In the meanwhile, get those clocks and smoke/CO detector batteries ready for their big spring debut! 






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