Spring Cleaning: Bathrooms.

It was SPRING on Tuesday here in Boston. I know the calendar said it should have arrived weeks ago, but it was a beautiful, sunny day. Of course, that means Spring Cleaning really needs to kick in to high gear.  It’s time to tackle one of the scariest spots in the home.  The bathrooms. 

Spring Cleaning Banner bathrooms


Let’s get started! 

1. Wash walls

2. Wash floors 

3. Inspect the grout — sometimes, it just needs a great cleaning, but other times, they need some repair, and resealing

4. Scrub tub and shower, including the fixtures

5. Clean out light fixtures, taking off covers or vents and giving them a good wipe down

6. Wipe down the mirrors,, with a streak-free product and technique

7. Scrub the toilet, inside and out

8. Clean sink and faucets

9. Use a drain zip-it to clean out the drains

10. Wash windows

11. Wipe down all light switches and door knobs

12. Launder the shower curtain and shower curtain liner

13. Empty and wash out the waste can

14. Wash the rugs, replace the towels

15.  Fill the liquid hand soap or replace the bar soap

Honestly, it doesn’t take all that long to clean a small space…  but a few of the tasks take some work.  There can sure be a few stubborn spots in the bathroom.

For instance: have a soap-scum riddled shower door that you need to clean?   I use a mixture of white vinegar and blue Dawn dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. I use a mixture of one part vinegar, which I heat briefly in the microwave, and 1 part Dawn, and then shake to combine.   I spray it liberally on the shower door, and let it sit.  (You’ll want to make sure you have good ventilation!)   I come back after a half hour or so, and use a gentle scrubber or used dryer sheet to help rub the soap scum off the door.  I sometimes need to repeat it, but always find that the results are fantastic! 




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  1. Jean

    Well, I think bathroom should be always well cleaned, so this tips come in handy all the year through! Cheers, my


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