Spring Cleaning: Kitchens!

Happy First Day of Spring!!  (Do I sound like I mean it? I’m trying to talk myself into this. Bear with me. It still feels like Spring is weeks away here in New England). 

Let’s try this again.

Happy First Day of Spring!  You know what that means…. it’s time to kick off Spring Cleaning, if you haven’t started already!

Let’s start where SO many spring cleaning projects will take place in homes across the country:  The Kitchen!


Here is a pretty good list of projects. Some of them are quick ones, and some of them will take an hour or so each. Plan your time. Maybe you do this over a few days, or maybe one amazing Kitchen Attack Day!  Here is what is on MY list. Does yours look like mine?  Be sure to check out some of  the links to other great sites with how-to cleaning guides for some of these tasks:

  1. Declutter all the surfaces
  2. Dust all walls and ceiling (and any art or decoration on the wall)
  3. Wipe down the baseboards
  4. Dust and clean the ceiling fan and vents
  5. Launder curtains or clean blinds
  6. Cleaning countertops and treating the surfaces (seal granite, oil butcher block)
  7. Wash the sink, including the gasket to the garbage disposal (you can replace those, you know!)
  8. Empty out under the sink
  9. Clean the oven
  10. Clean all the burners on the stove, (soaking the burner grates, if necessary
  11. Wash the vent hood and the filters in the hood 
  12. Clean the microwave
  13. Empty the crumb traps in the toaster and toaster oven
  14. Deep clean or descale the coffee maker (for us – descale the Keurig
  15. Empty the pantry of expired or “never will use” items
  16. Clean out the fridge and vacuum the coils
  17. Defrost the freezer (if it is not frost-free)
  18. Clean the dishwasher (run an empty load with vinegar in the soap tray, clean out the food trap)
  19. Wipe down the table and all the chairs
  20. Scrub the garbage and recycling bins
  21. Wash the windows
  22. Sweep and wash the floor

I know, I know. It probably seems like a huge list.  But like I said, you can break it down into chunks of time over several days, and your kitchen will be AWESOME when you’re done!

I’ve been working on a few already. Our fridge and pantry were just cleaned out, but I haven’t vacuumed the coils yet. Our surfaces are decluttered after some time I spent on that this weekend.

I have to be honest: For some reason, I’m excited about cleaning all the baseboards in the kitchen, and the rest of the house. I just feel like it will give me a great sense of satisfaction, despite the fact that no one else might notice the results besides me.  It’s been a while, and they need it.  How do I clean them?  I use a dryer sheet, of course! Not only does it do a good job of wiping dust away, but it also helps to “coat” the baseboards, and reduce any static electricity in the wood that draws the dust to it like a magnet.

What do I look forward to the least on this list? Probably washing the floor.  I hate washing the floors.  We have hardwood floors, so it’s not as bad as it could be, but I still always hate that job. Blech. 

When are you tackling your kitchen?  What task do you dread the most? And what do you think you’re going to find to be the most satisfying?  I want to know… we’re in this together!

Happy Cleaning! 






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