Spring Cleaning: Living and Dining Rooms

The living and dining room are similar enough that I thought we might tackle these two rooms at the same time. What do you think? Still have more in you after that thorough cleaning of the kitchen? 


Spring Cleaning Banner Living Dining room 

  1. Declutter all the surfaces
  2. Clean the ceiling fan and dust the corners and edges of the ceiling
  3. Wipe down the baseboards
  4. Dust the wall hangings, and the wall itself
  5. Touch up any paint that needs attention
  6. Clean the furniture. Vacuum soft furniture, spot clean any fabric stains, condition leather and polish any wood
  7. Repair any gauges or damages in wood surfaces. Use a wax crayon made for furniture repair,  and try rubbing a little mayo on water stains
  8. Wipe down doorknobs and light switches with a Clorox wipe or all-purpose cleaner
  9. Go through the furniture with storage.  Do a decent purge of items you haven’t touched recently.
  10. Sort through entertainment collections (movies, music, books, magazines, toys) with an eye for what you and your family enjoy NOW, not a reflection of what you enjoyed in the past, but won’t revisit
  11. Go through the items on display, and carefully clean and dust collection
  12. Dust bookshelves thoroughly, removing books and dusting the shelf underneath and behind
  13. Polish the silver
  14. Clean the lighting fixtures and lamp shades
  15. Replace any burned out light bulbs
  16. Dust all the electronics, including wiping down all the wires, from unit to plug
  17. Wash the curtains or blinds
  18. Wash the windows
  19. Clean the fireplace (well… if you’re not still using it every day, like some people are!). If you’re still using it, or, even if you’re not, change your mantlescape / decorations to celebrate spring
  20. Change the dining room tablecloth to something fresh for spring
  21. Shake out any rugs or welcome mats in these spaces
  22. Clean the floor (sweep, mop, vacuum or shampoo, as appropriate). Don’t forget to move the furniture!

Cleaning these spaces can make a big difference in how the whole family enjoys the common spaces in your home. And it’s a lot easier to keep things tidy after they’ve been thoroughly cleaned like this!  There’s great hope everyone can help KEEP it clean for a while, right! 

Oh, and my favorite finish task for cleaning the dining room?  Set the table with a fresh bouquet of springy flowers!




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