Spring Cleaning: Outdoor Spaces

Now that the weather is flirting with being nicer, for more days in a row, I can finally turn our attention to the outdoor space of our home. 

Spring Cleaning Outdoor Spaces


We’ve already started a bit here at our home, when my husband last week tackled a project that had been an eyesore for a while: replace the peeling, stained, ripped laminate floor off the base of our shed, and replace with new peel-and-stick tiles.  I think he thought I was a little crazy when I said I thought a new floor would be good in there… I mean, it’s hard to argue that it brings a lot of value, really.  But now that he’s done it, it looks SO good, and it makes all the other work we’d done in there to make it organized look that much better! I’m so proud of him for tackling it, especially while I was out of town, and he did it on his own!

So, what else is on our list for the coming weeks outside?

1. Bring the patio furniture out of storage, and give it a good cleaning.

2. Clean the stainless steel on the grill, and make sure there’s plenty of gas in the tank.

3. Rake out any of the leaves that we missed last fall (and had been hidden under snow and ice for the 14-month winter we had) and all the pine needles that have fallen over the winter

4. Start to prep the garden for this year’s vegetable season – buy new potting soil, pick out the plants, and lay out the planting bed plan

5. Wash the windows. I’m using Windex Outdoor Glass and Patio Cleaner on our home, after trying it at my folks’ place last week — easy, and does a great job!

6. Refresh the mulch and add some stone to the gravel beds.

7. Set the rain barrel back up.

8. Get the flower boxes ready (for us this year, it means some repair… or replace 🙁  )  Plant this year’s flowers when the frost is sure to be in the past. 

9. Make sure we have no other repairs needed — roof shingles, siding problems, etc.

10. Get the hoses ready and make sure they’re still in great working order

11. Make sure the lawn mower is ready for spring, tuned up, fueled, etc. 

12. Treat the lawn for early season prep — fertilizer, aeration, lime treatment, etc. 

13. Get the air conditioner serviced for the coming cooling season.

14.  Power wash the siding, deck, and pavement. 


What’s on your list that’s not on ours?  Pool?  Playscape equipment?  Fresh sand for the sandbox? 

Let’s get out there and enjoy some of this weather, and make our homes look awesome!





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