Spring Cleaning: Supplies and Tools to Get it Done

It’s our last prep post before launching into our Spring Cleaning season!  You may have already started with some projects at your home, and I know I’ve started tackling a few things here and there.  But for me, the real work starts once we can open up a window or a door or something, and here in New England, we’re still a bit aways from that!   That being said, we can spend this time getting ready!  We’ve already created our list, and looked at how we were going to schedule projects and who we were putting in charge of them.  Now it’s time to gather up all the supplies and tools we’re going to need to make it all happen.


Spring Cleaning Cleaning Supplies


I’m going to break it down into a few categories:



Microfiber Cloths Spray Bottles     Broom  Mop
Handheld Vacuum   Bucket Sponges  Sealable Bags
Toothbrush Squeegee Dryer Sheets Trash Bags
Wand Duster Swiffer Sheets      Steam Cleaner Lint Roller
Dustpan Rubber Gloves Box for Donations Tote to Carry it All!
Paper Towels and
Dish Scrubber
(that holds soap)
Ceiling Fan Duster
(or old pillow case) 


Some of these may not be for you…  if you don’t have outside space, for instance, a power washer probably isn’t something you need to have or borrow.  Obviously, if you don’t have ceiling fans, you don’t need any tools to clean them either.  Alternatively, you may have some specialty task in your home that needs something I haven’t listed here.  Whatever you need, find and gather them for the season!


Next, cleaning products.  I’ll break this down into all-purpose and then specialty.


All purpose:  


Magic Eraser  Clorox Wipes Ammonia and Bleach
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid   Baking Soda All-Purpose Cleaner
Castile Soap  Distilled Vinegar         (store-bought or homemade) 




Bar-Keepers Friend   Outdoor Multi-Surface Cleaner  Stone Cleaner Furniture Polish 
Stainless Steel Cleaner Washing Machine Cleaner Grout Cleaner Wood Soap
Goo Gone / Krud Kutter  Hard Water Mineral Remover Tub / Tile Cleaner  Dishwashing Cleaner 
Window Cleaner Carpet Cleaner Toilet Cleaner


There are going to be lots of options for homemade cleaners in Spring Cleaning, including homemade versions of the ones listed above.  Your spring cleaning can be really pretty green if you try hard enough!    With a number of the tasks on your list, you’ll be surprised how many you can attack with a vinegar solution or baking soda. I absolutely support and encourage you to use the products that work for you!

Once you’ve gathered all this up, you’ll have nothing left in your way to get started on your Getting-it-Done list besides yourself (even when you’re blaming it on the weather, like I am! 🙂  )


cleaning buckets armed


I’m going to share a bunch of tasks in the coming weeks… if you haven’t taken the same one on yourself yet, do it with me.  And if you have, let it inspire you to cross the next item off your list!







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