The Olympics are here! The Olympics are here!

Getting ready to watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight!  Yes, I watched the coverage last night… but that all seemed premature until we see the Opening Ceremonies, to me.  Doesn’t it seem that way to you??

Well, I’ve got some fun things in store for the Winter Olympics for you guys! Like what, you ask??

  • We’re going to talk about medals and trophies! Store, Display, or Let Go… I’ve got a solution for you!
  • We’re going to learn how to best clean gold, silver and bronze… and, um, stainless steel! (Metal = Medal, right?)
  • We’re going to have “Go for the Gold” challenges, where you can land on the world-wide podium of Home Organizing and Cleaning, with bragging rights to all your friends about your great success.
  • We’re going to other stuff that I can somehow angle to be “Olympics-related” through clever use of puns and other related gimmicks.

Ready to have some Olympics fun?  I know *I* am!  Tune in for the next two weeks, as we model our awesome home-athlete accomplishments together!

In the meanwhile, since I know I have readers from all over the globe, Go (Insert your country’s name here)!  Go (Insert your country’s name here)!



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