Week 3 of 15 in 15 in ’15: Clean Out That Closet! (Or dresser. Or Armoire. Or totes. Wherever You’re Hiding All Those Clothes.)

Well, you read yesterday’s post, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.  You’re in your third week of  UnShopping 15 items in 15 weeks in 2015, and it’s time for one of the biggest challenges yet:  Go into your closet or your dresser and don’t come out until you’ve made some wise decisions.  


15 in 15 in 15


What you do with the items you select is up to you:  Donate, consign, recycle in a textile drive, sell on your local Facebook online yard sale, whatever.  Just commit to going in and being ruthless, and recognize that what you gain by doing this is:

  • Less stress in the morning when you get ready, more easily finding what you’re looking for
  • Clothes that you’d never wear again aren’t distracting you from your choices
  • Room for your clothes to be hanging or folded better, not crammed into small spaces, always looking like they need to be ironed
  • A clearer understanding of what you own and why you own it. 


So, get at it and dig in. For some of you, that means taking EV.RY.THING out of the closet and putting it on the bed.  Make sure you’ve got bags ready to go to collect the unwanted items. Just get in there!


Remember my 5 rules:

1) Do you love it?

2) Does it love you back?

3) Does it fit your current and foreseeable lifestyle?

4) If you went shopping today and saw it hanging on a rack, would you buy it?

5) Could someone else make more use out of it than you are?



And I promise, if you’re really thorough, you’ll come across at least one “Oh…. THAT’S where that went!” or “I totally FORGOT about this!” moment!


As with every challenge, be sure to post your pics on the Clever Girl Organizing Facebook page on Monday to show off all your hard work. Do before and afters, or just a shot of your UnShopped pile. 




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