Tools You’ll Use – 2018 Photo and Paperwork Challenge

Depending on your situation and your goals, you might be considering purchasing a few things to help you in the process. I thought I’d round up some items to get you thinking about what you might need. (I’ll keep adding to these throughout the Challenge) 

Printed Photos – if you’re looking to remove printed photos from a photo album, create a photo album, or store your photos in a different way. 


Cotton Gloves – can help to make sure you don’t get oil or fingerprints on photos

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (like the ones you’d use on eyeglasses or phone screens) for cleaning off fingerprints 

For removing items from magnetic/sticky albums:

  • hair dryer: release some of the stickiness of the album sheets
  • Un-du – helps to loosen the glue
  • A peeler to carefully lift photos 
  • Dental floss – helps to lift the photo off of the page
  • micro spatula – to help lift photos 
  • Another peeler to help lift the photo off the page. 


Writing on photos:


Storing Photos:


Albums (Archival quality):



Digital Photos – if you’re looking to scan your photos or manage your digital photo library 

Apps for scanning photos: Photomyne, Picscannerunfade,  photoscan



Other Film Formats and Technology: 


Functional Paperwork – for sorting and storing your important documents



Wall or Desktop Organizers 


Grouping Documents or projects for storage or transport


Secure / Fireproof Storage



Memorabilia Paperwork – -for sorting and storing your paper-based memorabilia 

Apps for artwork – keepyartkiveplumprint, canvsly

Archival Quality Box for Storing Newspapers   

Polyester Sleeves for Storing Newspapers 

Lil’ Davinci Display Cabinet

Expandable Art Portfolio

School Memory Box (ready-made kit)







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